Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Womanly Wednesdays

        Now that I am kind of in the swing of things with blogging, I have been borrowing ideas for daily posts, such as Monday Musings, Tasty Tuesdays, Quick Take Friday etc. Being passionate about reading and writing about all things feminine, I have declared... Womanly Wednesdays :). These Wednesday posts will be about anything feminine! This includes church teachings about the responsibility and duties as a woman, clothing, tips and tricks in the beauty department, anything! I encourage you to join me on Wednesdays by commenting, writing your own post, or sending me your ideas!

Womanly Wednesdays
Working as a Women

       This subject may require a few parts too it because this subject is touchy, and many opinion may be voiced. These are my opinion and what I choose to do! First off I should explain my background with women working. I grew in a household where my mom was a stay at home mother. She had worked before but thankfully my dad had enough work where my mom could stay home and take care of us children and the house hold. They however always encouraged me to work, and be able to support myself. I started working when I was 15 and have been ever since. I believe this made me a responsible women, being able to pay my bills etc. 
        Sebastian and I shared similar view when it comes to roles in the household.We have already agreed that when we get married, after graduating next year, I will work for as long as I want to. This for me if until and if The Lord blesses us with a child. I would like to work because, I did go to college and I would like to try a career, even if if may be a short time.We pray and hope that we will be able to, God willing make it on one income. We plan on living in the country, and this may be easier as we can mostly live off of the land. I absolutely cannot wait to me a homemaker/stay at home wife/ hopefully stay at home mommy!

         For the women who do work, and are able to run  a household and family. I praise you! That takes much time, sacrifice and patience. I understand, especially with the way the economy is, it is hard to make it on one income. Some women want to be out of the house,and work to keep them sane. This is a personal choice that I believe should be made between two spouses and I have NO room for judgement. Just as no one should judge me for wanting to stay at home:).

       Starting at the root; the Bible. There man verses in the Bible about women working, submissiveness etc. Although I am not a huge fan of just pulling verses to prove a point without sharing the whole story.Here is a verses from Titus that in my expresses my opinion truly.

"And so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled. Titus 2:4-5"

         I want to be submissive to my future husband, no this doesn't mean that I should hang my head and not speak, or that a husband should turn his nose up helping his wife with the children or putting dishes away. Being submissive to ones husband can be so beautiful; when it flows correctly... Husband submissive to God, wife to God and to husband. This is a topic for another time, as it can be misunderstood often as well.


       By staying home I hope to keep an orderly household. This will allow me to cook nutritious food so that we don't have to go out and spend money. Being at home will allow me to garden which in return will supply us with groceries for the whole year. Being able to stay will allow me

to focus on cleaning and making sure that everyone is taken care off. God willing in the future, staying home will allow me to nurture, teach and spend time with our children. This for me is a career that I will be honored to take when the time is right!

       Right now I am currently working at our local gas station. This is  a mediocre job that I am starting to dislike more and more. There is a lot of drama within the store between employees that only darkens my heart and fills my head with unneeded evils. This job takes me away from my home and my duties. This job does not allow feminine wear, as they have a set , uni sex uniform that if violated we are written up for it. Overall all this job does is provide a pay check, but its negatives out weigh that bi weekly petty pay.

     I have been praying about this lately and I will have to make a decision along with my fiance soon. Till then I shall keep repeating this;

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tasty Tuesdays!

 The lovely women at City Wife Country Life used to hold Tasty Tuesdays. Although she stopped doing that a while ago, I am crediting this post to her (mostly because I think the name is clever)! I will try to be posting new recipes that I try out every Tuesday! Please feel free to contribute or let me know if you have tried a recipe! :)

I LOVE broccoli soup. I came up with the “brilliant idea” to make my own… I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this before… Anyway! After acquiring lots of broccoli (thank you mom!) I have decided to go ahead and make my first attempt! Here is a recipe that I found, made today and will be serving it to my loving fiancé for dinner!

2 cups chicken broth
5 cups broccoli
¼ cup onion
1 cup milk
2 tablespoons flour
1 cup cheddar cheese
¼ tablespoon oregano
Salt and pepper to taste
½ stalk celery, chopped
1 carrot, chopped

Bring broth to a boil. Add broccoli and onion. Cook for five minutes or until veggies are tender. In a separate bowl mix together milk and flour and stir together. Mix until blended. Stir the flour mixture into broth mixture. Stirring constantly until soup is thick and bubbly. Add cheese. DO NOT BRING TO A BOIL AGAIN the soup will separate. Add seasoning and serve.!


Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Musings

I have decided to join the band wagon , thanks to Nadja  at Patch O’ Dirt Farm. Here are my
Monday Musings

Right now… It is 7:30 pm. Relaxing after a day of work, and a horrible thunder storm. The kitten is on the porch running around and the two pups are sleeping. Sebastian (my fiancé) is playing XBOX. We had dinner together today and maybe we will watch a movie tonight after talking over some wedding plans. J Did I mention that he helped me cook dinner today ( this is after working in the heat all day!), and brought over a homemade peach pie from his moms house? I am wrapped in engaged bliss J

This weekend was…  Oh man. Weekends seem to be all over the place lately. Friday  I had the day off! I spent the day cooking, making dessert and cleaning. The evening was spent with my brother, Paul, and Sebastian watching a movie ( did I mention we are movie buffs?).
Saturday I worked in the morning, afterwards Sebastian, Paul and I went to the pool to play an intense game of Marco-Polo.
On Sunday the three of us went to Mass in a near by town. Sebastian surprised us by taking us to breakfast! I was spoiled that day because after my brother left I was going to start cooking dinner and Sebastian decided that it would be a good night for a date night! We went into a larger town my by us and tried a new place. I loved it! We came, did a few things around the barn. I got some homework done and we relaxed that evening, with another movie and taking care of our kitten!

Some plans for this week… I work Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tomorrow, I plan on catching up on some cleaning, baking a few goodies and cooking. I also have a few random errands to run!
Friday, Sebastian and I are going up to my parents house to “hopefully” book out reception hall for our wedding. Yes, we will be visiting the one I shared pictures of in my last few posts! My mom and I may even go look at some dresses! We will be coming home on Sunday with my brother who decided to come visit us for another 2 weeks!

I am grateful for… My friends, who will listen to me complain about pointless things. My fiancé, for being loving and wanting the best for me. Even though we both can get agitated with one another we both know it is temporary. My parents for being excited for my wedding and wedding planning! The unconditional love of God, no matter how far we fall HE is there to pick us up.

Some prayer intentions for the week… My mom who still feels physical pain from her car accident 3 years ago, may God heal her pain. My father who is bending over backwards saving and working to be able to pay for my wedding. My brother who is at that age where nothing seems to be going right. I hope he finds peace at the foot of the cross, and love in the Lord. My fiancé, who is feeling financial burden and pressure from all angles, especially the wedding. For me, anxiety that seems to get the best of me and makes me act unlike me. My friend who is having a tough time right now. He seems to be lost and I pray that he will get better and that his therapy  is helping him, no one should feel the pain he is going  through and reliving.

Something that makes me smile…

As manly of a man that he is… He will still do face masks with me J This was a chocolate one that claims to moisturize.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Speaking of Feminine Wear...

One of my last posts was about starting to act more lady-like, feminine etc.  I feel like this topic could have books written on it as it goes deep. What I am about to say reflect purely my opinions, questions, and beliefs.  I would hope all those that are reading this and may not necessarily see eye to eye with me, can respect my beliefs. :) With that being said, this may turn into a multiple posts.

First off I call attention to a popular but insightful quote from Padre Pio Modesty:

            “There are, moreover, three virtues which perfect the devout person with regard to control of his own senses. These are: modesty, continence and chastity. By the virtue of modesty the devout person governs all his exterior acts. With good reason, then, does St. Paul recommend this virtue to all and declare how necessary it is and as if this were not enough he considers that this virtue should be obvious to all. By continence the soul exercises restraint over all the senses: sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing. By chastity, a virtue which ennobles our nature and makes it similar to that of the Angels, we suppress our sensuality and detach it from forbidden pleasure.”

As women, we have many duties. One of those is to remain modest in many forms; attire, speech, the way we present ourselves etc. One may ask why do I such an emphasis on clothing; isn't that being immodest, as I am focusing on worldly goods?  This was one of my questions before I started researching and putting any focus on modesty. My motto was “God loves me in sweatpants or a dress”. Yes, God DOES love me but that doesn't mean that I am being respectful or accurately following my duty. 
Here are the pros of dressing modestly feminine;
·         Being respectful of the Lord and his design and plan for us.
·         Respecting your husband/fiance.
·         Being a model for other women.
·         Not drawing attention to one’s self, negatively.
·         Showing that you are a women, and proud of it!
·         Many, many more.

Cons to dressing modestly…
  • don’t see any cons to dressing modestly feminine; however I had many questions before my journey, both spiritual and physical.
  •  I live on a farm, how is it possible to dress both modestly , and feminine when I am knee deep in manure, or dirt and it is VERY hot out?
  •   Does it really matter what I wear at home when doing chores… I am going to get dirty anyway!
  •  I don’t have the money to go out any buy a whole new wardrobe.
  •    I don’t want to look frumpy, I want to look modern.
  •  Probably many more excuses that I came up with.

The answers didn't come quick, but with lots of research through prayer, the internet and other ladies that I looked up too.
Some quick answers to these ( at least for me. I do not have all the answers for myself, let alone anyone else haha.)

I live on a farm, how is it possible to dress both modestly, and feminine when I am knee deep in manure, or dirt and it is VERY hot out?
This is still a struggle at times, especially with our growing live stock and temperatures. I tend to stick to cotton and flowy. Skirts and shirts that are used and are okay to get dirty. I call these my barn clothes and they have their own special drawer. I specifically go to these when doing chores. However, I do not risk modesty when I am in them.  These are either older clothing items or items that I found for an awesome price at a thrift store. Leggings underneath also help with insects etc.

Does it really matter what I wear at home when doing chores… I am going to get dirty anyway!
Dressing modestly and femininely does not mean necessarily that you should put on your best outfits, decked out with accessories and heels, all of the time. As mentioned above I have a special drawer reserved for my “worse” clothes that I wear when I go to the barn, or I am baking (An apron doesn't hurt as well!).  I think the way you dress can impact the way you feel at times, so dressing up nicer can make you feel better. I know when I dress a little more girly, I feel a little better and gives me a little more pep in my step!

I don’t have the money to go out any buy a whole new wardrobe.
A whole new wardrobe WOULD be expensive. I found a way around this! Goodwill and other thrift stores offer a variety of used clothing. Do use discretion. Some clothing may not be worth the price. Investing in a few basic pieces such as undershirts/layering shirts and, a few solid t shirts that can go with anything, a few solid skirts can be important. I find sales at KOHLS, Dress Barn, and as mentioned before Goodwill. Goodwill is another place to experiment with odd patterns, as you don’t feel so bad because you don’t spend to much on it and if you don’t like the pattern or fabric, you can pass it on or return it!
Also, many of your clothing already can be turned into a modest piece! A neckline to low? Take a tank top underneath, add a scarf or both. Sleeve to short? Cardigans or light jackets can be your best friend!

I don’t want to look frumpy, I want to look modern.
Many stores, especially this year seem to have long skirts. They are back in style, hurray! Dressing modestly and femininely doesn’t mean jumping into a jean jumper, although if that is your thing, go for it! You can still have style. Add a fun accessory to personalize your outfit, adding “in style” pieces such as scarf (which is awesome for low neck lines) or a headband can make your outfit “more with the times”.

I am sorry that this has become a very long post. I feel like there is much more to say, but that will be saved for later times.

Remember, outside appearance is not the most important thing. This isn't your “entrance” into heaven. This for me is a serious issue that I feel compelled to write and research about, as a young Catholic woman. I think that standards in our society have fallen. If you feel compelled to start a journey of modesty I encourage you, and do not mind if you contact me. I do however, think that any important decision such as this one, should be contemplated through prayer and Adoration.

Friday, June 21, 2013

A Week In Feminine Dress

When I read some of my favorite blogs, I am often directed to another blog and so a cycle starts. 
I have been following Christine for a little bit now which led me to follow The Country Wife and so forth. They actually inspired me to start a blog! 

Christine recently posted about " A Week In Feminine Dress" which led me to The Catholic Lady

The Catholic Lady currently has a challenge going on for us women that states

"The object is to encourage more women to dress like a "Catholic Lady".  Please consider joining the "Week In Feminine Dress" challenge! Here are the rules: No pants, shorts, flip flops, low necklines, sleeveless tops, tight clothing, short skirts (showing the knee), or anything that you find questionable!  Dress like you would imagine a true Catholic Lady to dress."

Although I feel that I do try to dress modestly, and lady like. Living on a farm can, and has put a damper on my efforts. It is just so easy to throw on flip flops, shorts, and a tank top and not care. We should care! I WANT to look presentable, decent and lady like for my future husband. I don't want to bring attention to myself but I do want to present myself like a lady. This goes for dressing, my actions, my words and my work.

This isn't a one day miraculous flip. This will be and already has been an on going process. I pray to the Blessed Mother for guidance and help. I ask my fiance for help on picking out clothing that both he and I find to be acceptable. I will not let the world decide how I should dress. This saying, I will not dress frumpy, or in something that may resemble my grandmothers old table cloth.  It is possible to be modest and modern!

With that being said, here is so A Week Lifetime in Feminine Dress!!!

The Weekend, kind of.

        It is my day off! I am so blessed to be able to be strong enough to work! I am however very tired, and I am so excited that I am off of work for the next three days! So today is sort of like the start of my weekend!

       Being away at work daily, is tiring, and with that when I come home I barely have enough gumption to cook a decent meal, get lunch ready for my fiance for ht next day, do summer school online homework, and run out and do some chores at the barn. Because of this cleaning, laundry and new recipes get put on the back burner. But today was different! Gardening was done, barn work was done, I have dinner 3/4 done, laundry is air drying on a clothes line, and I am about to start some homework ( I remembered I have some as I was writing this... OOPS!)

       After dinner, we are heading to the lake to go swimming. All this nice weather and I haven't been able to take advantage of it yet, and its well into June!

Today for dinner I am making stuffed peppers with stuffing, garlic cheese chicken, and Brussels sprouts. The garlic cheese chicken is new and if it comes out right I will go ahead and post it on here!

Next weekend we are going to go and look at a banquet hall. We have been looking at home, that haven't really been too impressive but have been there price wise. This one we are going to go look at is not only within  the price... but looks like a CASTLE. I know pictures are not much... but I pray and hope that this will work out.
Oh I just hope it is as wonderful as it is in these pictures!

Peanut Butter Galore!

         Due to an awesome friend/ co- worker, I am not the owner of  two cases of peanut butter! When I received these cases a few days ago, I could only think about all the delicious treats that I could make. I mean you can only eat so many peanut butter sandwiches ;). I ventured online and found an abundance of recipes. I haven't really cooked/baked with peanut butter before, as it was not the cheapest ingredient, and most recipes call for at least 2 cups, which is almost a whole jar. Now I have no excuse :). Thankfully no one in my family has an allergy to nuts, so they can all be my test monkeys, hehehe.

       I was disappointed when my first recipes, peanut butter cookies, did not turn out. not only did the first batch taste...just not right. I burnt the second batch. I decided to brush it off and dive into other , simpler recipes until I felt more comfortable. So, last night I made my very first batch of BUCKEYES! Actually, they are more like peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate, because I dunk the whole thing ;). They are so simple to make, and delicious! My fiance and my brother( who is staying with us a few more days) absolutely love them! I deiced to make another batch for my generous friend who provided me with the PB , as he wanted no payment. I figured he might not be able to turn down a treat! 
       I also decided to make a batch of peanut butter  rice crisp treats. I haven't tasted them yet, but they smelled decent!

So here it is.. a simple, but delicious Buckeye recipe!


Ingredients: 2 cups creamy Peanut Butter                       9 oz semi sweet chocolate( a little more than a cup)
                  1/4 cup butter                                              1 tablespoon shortening
                  1/4 salt
                  1/2 teaspoon vanilla
                  2 1/2 cup confectioners sugar

1) Take the peanut butter, butter and salt and place it in a  microwave-safe bowl and heat it for 1 minute. I recommend. Pausing every 20 seconds to stir.

2) Take the heated mixture and stir in the vanilla and confectioners sugar. You might need a bigger bowl.\

3) When you stir everything together it should create a "dough". Roll this dough into a ball.

4) Let it sit for about 5 minutes

5) From this big ball of goodness, take pieces to create  1 inch round balls. Place these on a cookie sheet, and let them sit for a few hours, or even overnight. This makes it easier for dipping.

After the balls have hardened, you are ready to make your chocolate.

1) Melt the chocolate and shortening in a microwave bowl. Do this for a minute. Once again I recommend pausing every 20 seconds to stir. 

2) Dip the balls one at a time in the melted chocolate. Put back on cookie sheet, and back in the fridge  for at least an hour to harden.

Notes: If you want to make authentic Buckeyes, only dip partially to create the "buck eye" illusion.
           Keep these in the fridge for best taste. The can and will melt  if left out in the open.

One of the cases of PB!

 "Naked buckeyes" going into the fridge before being dipped in chocolate!

 PB Rice Treats! As you can see someone.. took a nibble out of the right hand bottom corner... hmm..

My first ever batch of coated buckeyes, minus the eyes. Ha ha.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

And They All Ate Cake! Or Cranberry Muffins...

Finally back from the weekend I am able to update about the various activities that went on. If most of you have read my last post, my parents along with my fiances parents met for the very first time. The week leading up to this was very stressful as I really wanted them to get along, and when wedding talk came about, lets just say not kill each other, haha.

The verdict... It went REALLY well! * little dance*
Here is a little run down of how everything went...

Friday evening 
 My fiances father came and had dinner with us ( Venison meatballs that I will share the recipe for later). My parents joined us a little later. We all stayed up getting to know one another,a nd looking at my fiances old baby pictures. Check!
This was the day that I was most stressed out about! I was going to make a breakfast for the two families which is stressful enough, even though I do love cooking! This was when my parents would come together with both my fiances mother, father as well as sister and little nephew. On top of all these jitters was the long awaited wedding talk, to say the least I was a bundle of nerves!
For breakfast I committed the biggest crime a cook can make. I tried out ALL NEW RECIPES for this breakfast. Seriously, what was I thinking. Thankfully it all came out decent, at least they assured me it was ;)
We had...
 - Sausage egg casserole , a recipe that will shortly be up. 
 - Fruit salad 
- Bread and butter
 - Homemade cranberry along muffins
 - Variety of meats and cheeses
 - Tomato and onion "salad"

After breakfast we sat around talking, letting the parents get to know one another. This was interesting to say the least, because if some of you may remember my parents do not speak English very well and I had to translate most of the conversation.
My fiance grilled up some mean,meaty burgers ( Thank you sweetheart for knowing how to grill, and not ever  complaining about doing it!). 
The long awaited wedding talk came about. This brought some happy tears, and lets just say ended with taking combined family pictures :)

I wish at times I wouldn't get myself so nervous about things like this. I know God will help me if it is HIS will.  He is my rock and I do not thank him NEARLY enough as I should. 

The weekend ended with me going to work this Sunday ( poop, that is a whole other post...working on Sundays).  We visited a new church today! Also my brother has been staying with us for a week at the farm, and is here for another week! I am so excited because not only do I get to see him, he gets a little vacation and he helps me with chores!

God Bless you all on this Sunday ( possibly Monday, it is pretty late I believe).
Pax Tecum

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Whistle While You Work

 I am writing this quickly before I head off to my not so part time job at the local gas station!
I say not so part time because, I am only supposed to be working around 20 hours a week, but in fact this week I will be racking up 39 hours.

Thank goodness it is summer time and I have online classes because otherwise I would not be able to do this!

Although my job is not the greatest, I try to do my best and feel blessed to be able to work!

I have a important weekend coming up as my parents and my fiances parents will be meeting for the very first time. Okay, yes I am FREAKING OUT. I should be cleaning my house, and preparing but I haven't had a day off all week. Tomorrow, last minute as most things are with me, I will be preparing, and hopefully not get too nervous.

My parents are coming on Friday and staying through Sunday. My fiances dad is coming on Friday, staying till Saturday  around lunch time. My fiances mother is coming Saturday morning with his sister and nephew.

I have rooms to clean, things to cook, goodies to bake!
Prayers would be GREATLY appreciated as this is very nerve wreaking for me because...

  • I get nervous when I introduce people for the first time
  • I love both families!
  • There will be wedding preparation talk, and unfortunately the two families are on different view points
  • My parents do not speak English; therefore I will be translating from Polish to English
  • I am making the meals
  • I want everyone to be respectful, and get along

Jezu Ufam Tobie

"As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you. ( Isaiah 66:13)
Jesus help me, your servant whom you have redeemed by your Precious Blood.

In every need let me come to you with humble trust saying 
Jesus help me.

In all my doubts, perplexities and temptations 
Jesus help me.

In hours of loneliness, weariness and trial 
Jesus help me.

In the failure of my plans and hopes 
Jesus help me.

In disappointments, troubles and sorrows 
Jesus help me.

When I throw myself on your tender love as a Father and a Savior 
Jesus help me.

When I feel impatient and my cross is heavy 
Jesus help me.

When I am ill, and my head and hands cannot do their work 
Jesus help me.

Always, always, in joys or sorrows, in falls and short-comings 
Jesus help me and never forsake me. Amen. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Farm life isn't always glorious.

Living on a farm I am used to the fact ( this took years) that animals are born and that they die; whether that be on purpose( butchering) or other causes.

In my first post I mentioned that we have cats. Well, We have two that recently gave birth. One of them I would guess 3 weeks ago( I assume because she is not very friendly and hides from people) and the other one a few days ago, ( this one is nice, and LOVES attention).

Anyway. The one from the nice kitty are fine, and seem to be doing great. The ones from  the not so nice cat are not doing so great. I found one that died on the barn floor. I figured there was only one or that the other ones were doing fine. Well, a few days ago a saw one of the babies roaming around without its mom. It turns out that the mama cat rejected this one, and wants nothing to do with it.
So... I took it inside the house with me. Now I have a happy purring baby kitty that requires A LOT of attention, and is winning my heart. My fiance says he might even let me keep it as an inside kitty. I think HE is the one who is getting a tad more attached ;).

Anyway, we tried with the mama kitty and she simply wants nothing to do with it.  If anyone wants a kitty please do not hesitate to contact me :).  They keep the mouse population very low :).

These are the kittens from the nice cat. About 3 days or so old.  Cuddled in all together!

Here is the little bugger enjoying life in the human house :) I didn't know, until I researched it, that I have to stimulate bowel movements for a kitten! Animals are so amazing to know all of this!

Feeding time! It loves to stretch its paws and "claw" when it is eating!


I suppose I should start out with an introduction before I head into any posts! I am a female college student, who, in a little over a year will be marrying the love of her life!

I grew up in the city and when I was a teenager my parents bought a farm, so that I can learn responsibility. Every weekend we would come up and work on it. This taught me love for the country life. I decided to go to school near our farm, thinking eventually I would venture back to the city. I just made the bold decision to move from dorm life to our farm and start "homesteading".

As a young Catholic I put everything in Gods hands and know that he will guide me the right way!

This blog will mostly talk about recipes, my gardening ( first year I am attempting!), some wedding planning ( ahh! I am excited and nervous!), and I am sure my loving fiance will be mentioned more than a few times as he is amazing, and I am so excited to be joined together next year

So... to get a better idea of what I am about I shall make a list, as I love list about some things I like, and things I do not like, as well as things about my life?

All About Me 
( haha, I am pretty sure I made a list like this in grade school)
  • I am studying Business Administration and Criminal Justice
  • I would love to be a probation officer and work with juvenile delinquents
  • I would LOVE to be a homemaker, and God willing I will be.
  • I love to bake.
  • I love to cook, especially for family and friends, and my fiance!
  • I love animals. 
  • Although a strong Catholic, I love hearing about other faiths/religions.
  • I don't like to watch TV that much, but I love documentaries and movies.
  • I love children!
  • I really dislike the college I attend.
  • Always looking for new recipes.
  • I love to read.
  • I am very organized, and love to clean.
  • I like to make lists.
  • I prefer grocery shopping over clothing shopping ( :O)
  • I would like to home school my children
  • My farm consists of 2 cows, 8 bulls, 100 plus chickens, 3 dogs( Kora, Rita, Miki) 10 plus cats, 6 new kittens, 2 goats ( Cindy, Melina )
  • I only name animals we won't eat, as that gets sad :(
  • I am really bad at grammar, sorry :(
  • Adoration <3 enough said.