Sunday, June 16, 2013

And They All Ate Cake! Or Cranberry Muffins...

Finally back from the weekend I am able to update about the various activities that went on. If most of you have read my last post, my parents along with my fiances parents met for the very first time. The week leading up to this was very stressful as I really wanted them to get along, and when wedding talk came about, lets just say not kill each other, haha.

The verdict... It went REALLY well! * little dance*
Here is a little run down of how everything went...

Friday evening 
 My fiances father came and had dinner with us ( Venison meatballs that I will share the recipe for later). My parents joined us a little later. We all stayed up getting to know one another,a nd looking at my fiances old baby pictures. Check!
This was the day that I was most stressed out about! I was going to make a breakfast for the two families which is stressful enough, even though I do love cooking! This was when my parents would come together with both my fiances mother, father as well as sister and little nephew. On top of all these jitters was the long awaited wedding talk, to say the least I was a bundle of nerves!
For breakfast I committed the biggest crime a cook can make. I tried out ALL NEW RECIPES for this breakfast. Seriously, what was I thinking. Thankfully it all came out decent, at least they assured me it was ;)
We had...
 - Sausage egg casserole , a recipe that will shortly be up. 
 - Fruit salad 
- Bread and butter
 - Homemade cranberry along muffins
 - Variety of meats and cheeses
 - Tomato and onion "salad"

After breakfast we sat around talking, letting the parents get to know one another. This was interesting to say the least, because if some of you may remember my parents do not speak English very well and I had to translate most of the conversation.
My fiance grilled up some mean,meaty burgers ( Thank you sweetheart for knowing how to grill, and not ever  complaining about doing it!). 
The long awaited wedding talk came about. This brought some happy tears, and lets just say ended with taking combined family pictures :)

I wish at times I wouldn't get myself so nervous about things like this. I know God will help me if it is HIS will.  He is my rock and I do not thank him NEARLY enough as I should. 

The weekend ended with me going to work this Sunday ( poop, that is a whole other post...working on Sundays).  We visited a new church today! Also my brother has been staying with us for a week at the farm, and is here for another week! I am so excited because not only do I get to see him, he gets a little vacation and he helps me with chores!

God Bless you all on this Sunday ( possibly Monday, it is pretty late I believe).
Pax Tecum

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