Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Farm life isn't always glorious.

Living on a farm I am used to the fact ( this took years) that animals are born and that they die; whether that be on purpose( butchering) or other causes.

In my first post I mentioned that we have cats. Well, We have two that recently gave birth. One of them I would guess 3 weeks ago( I assume because she is not very friendly and hides from people) and the other one a few days ago, ( this one is nice, and LOVES attention).

Anyway. The one from the nice kitty are fine, and seem to be doing great. The ones from  the not so nice cat are not doing so great. I found one that died on the barn floor. I figured there was only one or that the other ones were doing fine. Well, a few days ago a saw one of the babies roaming around without its mom. It turns out that the mama cat rejected this one, and wants nothing to do with it.
So... I took it inside the house with me. Now I have a happy purring baby kitty that requires A LOT of attention, and is winning my heart. My fiance says he might even let me keep it as an inside kitty. I think HE is the one who is getting a tad more attached ;).

Anyway, we tried with the mama kitty and she simply wants nothing to do with it.  If anyone wants a kitty please do not hesitate to contact me :).  They keep the mouse population very low :).

These are the kittens from the nice cat. About 3 days or so old.  Cuddled in all together!

Here is the little bugger enjoying life in the human house :) I didn't know, until I researched it, that I have to stimulate bowel movements for a kitten! Animals are so amazing to know all of this!

Feeding time! It loves to stretch its paws and "claw" when it is eating!

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