Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I suppose I should start out with an introduction before I head into any posts! I am a female college student, who, in a little over a year will be marrying the love of her life!

I grew up in the city and when I was a teenager my parents bought a farm, so that I can learn responsibility. Every weekend we would come up and work on it. This taught me love for the country life. I decided to go to school near our farm, thinking eventually I would venture back to the city. I just made the bold decision to move from dorm life to our farm and start "homesteading".

As a young Catholic I put everything in Gods hands and know that he will guide me the right way!

This blog will mostly talk about recipes, my gardening ( first year I am attempting!), some wedding planning ( ahh! I am excited and nervous!), and I am sure my loving fiance will be mentioned more than a few times as he is amazing, and I am so excited to be joined together next year

So... to get a better idea of what I am about I shall make a list, as I love list about some things I like, and things I do not like, as well as things about my life?

All About Me 
( haha, I am pretty sure I made a list like this in grade school)
  • I am studying Business Administration and Criminal Justice
  • I would love to be a probation officer and work with juvenile delinquents
  • I would LOVE to be a homemaker, and God willing I will be.
  • I love to bake.
  • I love to cook, especially for family and friends, and my fiance!
  • I love animals. 
  • Although a strong Catholic, I love hearing about other faiths/religions.
  • I don't like to watch TV that much, but I love documentaries and movies.
  • I love children!
  • I really dislike the college I attend.
  • Always looking for new recipes.
  • I love to read.
  • I am very organized, and love to clean.
  • I like to make lists.
  • I prefer grocery shopping over clothing shopping ( :O)
  • I would like to home school my children
  • My farm consists of 2 cows, 8 bulls, 100 plus chickens, 3 dogs( Kora, Rita, Miki) 10 plus cats, 6 new kittens, 2 goats ( Cindy, Melina )
  • I only name animals we won't eat, as that gets sad :(
  • I am really bad at grammar, sorry :(
  • Adoration <3 enough said.

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