Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Musings

I have decided to join the band wagon , thanks to Nadja  at Patch O’ Dirt Farm. Here are my
Monday Musings

Right now… It is 7:30 pm. Relaxing after a day of work, and a horrible thunder storm. The kitten is on the porch running around and the two pups are sleeping. Sebastian (my fiancé) is playing XBOX. We had dinner together today and maybe we will watch a movie tonight after talking over some wedding plans. J Did I mention that he helped me cook dinner today ( this is after working in the heat all day!), and brought over a homemade peach pie from his moms house? I am wrapped in engaged bliss J

This weekend was…  Oh man. Weekends seem to be all over the place lately. Friday  I had the day off! I spent the day cooking, making dessert and cleaning. The evening was spent with my brother, Paul, and Sebastian watching a movie ( did I mention we are movie buffs?).
Saturday I worked in the morning, afterwards Sebastian, Paul and I went to the pool to play an intense game of Marco-Polo.
On Sunday the three of us went to Mass in a near by town. Sebastian surprised us by taking us to breakfast! I was spoiled that day because after my brother left I was going to start cooking dinner and Sebastian decided that it would be a good night for a date night! We went into a larger town my by us and tried a new place. I loved it! We came, did a few things around the barn. I got some homework done and we relaxed that evening, with another movie and taking care of our kitten!

Some plans for this week… I work Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tomorrow, I plan on catching up on some cleaning, baking a few goodies and cooking. I also have a few random errands to run!
Friday, Sebastian and I are going up to my parents house to “hopefully” book out reception hall for our wedding. Yes, we will be visiting the one I shared pictures of in my last few posts! My mom and I may even go look at some dresses! We will be coming home on Sunday with my brother who decided to come visit us for another 2 weeks!

I am grateful for… My friends, who will listen to me complain about pointless things. My fiancé, for being loving and wanting the best for me. Even though we both can get agitated with one another we both know it is temporary. My parents for being excited for my wedding and wedding planning! The unconditional love of God, no matter how far we fall HE is there to pick us up.

Some prayer intentions for the week… My mom who still feels physical pain from her car accident 3 years ago, may God heal her pain. My father who is bending over backwards saving and working to be able to pay for my wedding. My brother who is at that age where nothing seems to be going right. I hope he finds peace at the foot of the cross, and love in the Lord. My fiancé, who is feeling financial burden and pressure from all angles, especially the wedding. For me, anxiety that seems to get the best of me and makes me act unlike me. My friend who is having a tough time right now. He seems to be lost and I pray that he will get better and that his therapy  is helping him, no one should feel the pain he is going  through and reliving.

Something that makes me smile…

As manly of a man that he is… He will still do face masks with me J This was a chocolate one that claims to moisturize.

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