Friday, June 21, 2013

The Weekend, kind of.

        It is my day off! I am so blessed to be able to be strong enough to work! I am however very tired, and I am so excited that I am off of work for the next three days! So today is sort of like the start of my weekend!

       Being away at work daily, is tiring, and with that when I come home I barely have enough gumption to cook a decent meal, get lunch ready for my fiance for ht next day, do summer school online homework, and run out and do some chores at the barn. Because of this cleaning, laundry and new recipes get put on the back burner. But today was different! Gardening was done, barn work was done, I have dinner 3/4 done, laundry is air drying on a clothes line, and I am about to start some homework ( I remembered I have some as I was writing this... OOPS!)

       After dinner, we are heading to the lake to go swimming. All this nice weather and I haven't been able to take advantage of it yet, and its well into June!

Today for dinner I am making stuffed peppers with stuffing, garlic cheese chicken, and Brussels sprouts. The garlic cheese chicken is new and if it comes out right I will go ahead and post it on here!

Next weekend we are going to go and look at a banquet hall. We have been looking at home, that haven't really been too impressive but have been there price wise. This one we are going to go look at is not only within  the price... but looks like a CASTLE. I know pictures are not much... but I pray and hope that this will work out.
Oh I just hope it is as wonderful as it is in these pictures!

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