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Womanly Wednesdays

        Now that I am kind of in the swing of things with blogging, I have been borrowing ideas for daily posts, such as Monday Musings, Tasty Tuesdays, Quick Take Friday etc. Being passionate about reading and writing about all things feminine, I have declared... Womanly Wednesdays :). These Wednesday posts will be about anything feminine! This includes church teachings about the responsibility and duties as a woman, clothing, tips and tricks in the beauty department, anything! I encourage you to join me on Wednesdays by commenting, writing your own post, or sending me your ideas!

Womanly Wednesdays
Working as a Women

       This subject may require a few parts too it because this subject is touchy, and many opinion may be voiced. These are my opinion and what I choose to do! First off I should explain my background with women working. I grew in a household where my mom was a stay at home mother. She had worked before but thankfully my dad had enough work where my mom could stay home and take care of us children and the house hold. They however always encouraged me to work, and be able to support myself. I started working when I was 15 and have been ever since. I believe this made me a responsible women, being able to pay my bills etc. 
        Sebastian and I shared similar view when it comes to roles in the household.We have already agreed that when we get married, after graduating next year, I will work for as long as I want to. This for me if until and if The Lord blesses us with a child. I would like to work because, I did go to college and I would like to try a career, even if if may be a short time.We pray and hope that we will be able to, God willing make it on one income. We plan on living in the country, and this may be easier as we can mostly live off of the land. I absolutely cannot wait to me a homemaker/stay at home wife/ hopefully stay at home mommy!

         For the women who do work, and are able to run  a household and family. I praise you! That takes much time, sacrifice and patience. I understand, especially with the way the economy is, it is hard to make it on one income. Some women want to be out of the house,and work to keep them sane. This is a personal choice that I believe should be made between two spouses and I have NO room for judgement. Just as no one should judge me for wanting to stay at home:).

       Starting at the root; the Bible. There man verses in the Bible about women working, submissiveness etc. Although I am not a huge fan of just pulling verses to prove a point without sharing the whole story.Here is a verses from Titus that in my expresses my opinion truly.

"And so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled. Titus 2:4-5"

         I want to be submissive to my future husband, no this doesn't mean that I should hang my head and not speak, or that a husband should turn his nose up helping his wife with the children or putting dishes away. Being submissive to ones husband can be so beautiful; when it flows correctly... Husband submissive to God, wife to God and to husband. This is a topic for another time, as it can be misunderstood often as well.


       By staying home I hope to keep an orderly household. This will allow me to cook nutritious food so that we don't have to go out and spend money. Being at home will allow me to garden which in return will supply us with groceries for the whole year. Being able to stay will allow me

to focus on cleaning and making sure that everyone is taken care off. God willing in the future, staying home will allow me to nurture, teach and spend time with our children. This for me is a career that I will be honored to take when the time is right!

       Right now I am currently working at our local gas station. This is  a mediocre job that I am starting to dislike more and more. There is a lot of drama within the store between employees that only darkens my heart and fills my head with unneeded evils. This job takes me away from my home and my duties. This job does not allow feminine wear, as they have a set , uni sex uniform that if violated we are written up for it. Overall all this job does is provide a pay check, but its negatives out weigh that bi weekly petty pay.

     I have been praying about this lately and I will have to make a decision along with my fiance soon. Till then I shall keep repeating this;

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