Friday, July 5, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday!

Thanks to Jennifer for hosting 7 Quick Takes Friday.

It has been a very busy week filled with family emergencies, friend emergencies, filing in for co workers at work, as well as facing some difficult feelings with myself. I am so glad this week is coming to a close and I can work hard on making myself healthier mentally. I thank Sebastian for holding me tight in dark hours, and Toby Mac for this life saving song that pops into my head when going through dark hours! 

I am determined to write more next week! Writing helps me with my anxiety and it has become a saving grace. With that I have so much to write about and that doesn't make me anxious because I know in due time, God willing, it will work out :).

Even with the insane week, I have happy news! My bridesmaid/cousin Justina who lives half away across the country, the one bridesmaid who I thought I wouldn't see till very possibly the wedding day is coming to visit! She is coming at the end of the month and staying for about a week! I am already planning meals, as well as outings to make her stay pleasant and of course jam packed with wedding things; bridesmaid dress shopping, getting to know the girls. She is a very outgoing , sweet cousin whom I have only met once, two years ago, but we clicked and I am thrilled to have her as my bridesmaid!

I am determined to learn more about different more "unique" ( not sure if that is the word I am looking for), meaning the ones that are not as popular. I know the summer is half way done but I would love to sit down and research some before I head back into my senior year and have to fill my brain with classes I really don't want to take/ have nothing to do with my major.

I feel like such a creep when I find a new blogger. I mean CREEP. When I find a blog that fits my interest criteria aka anything about Catholicism, marriage, feminine things, recipes, homesteading etc. I WILL take a few days and read from your first post to your most recent. However, it excites me highly when I find a new blog to read because I can usually relate to some aspect/ learn something new, and some of you lovely ladies have been true inspirations and role models of Catholic women, whom I in a odd, over the internet way look up too!

I may also have a bit of a sick obsession about documentaries. I try to justify it to myself and Sebastian that I am not just sitting and watching TV; 1. because I don't have a TV, so I watch them online 2. I am always trying to bake/cook./clean do SOMETHING while I am watching/listening to them and 3. I tell myself they are better than regular TV because I am learning something new? Whatever my reasons are, I do need to think twice about watching some of the documentaries I watch Why I am watching this? Is it to better myself, or just "waste" time? So this day forth I will try to ONLY watch documentaries for educational purposes about subjects I am passionate about, or subjects that are not detrimental to me mentally!

I am SO excited for Mass on Sunday! I love going with Sebastian, and now my brother since he is staying with us. I love seeing the families filing in together, making me pray harder for my future family. I love receiving the Eucharist and the goose bump feeling I get when I feel Jesus so close. My goal now is too find Adoration within driving distance around my area. I moved not long from a town about 4,000 people where even if our local church didn't offer daily adoration, the city was a mere 20 minutes away. Now living in a town of 200, where the local church (20 minutes away) offers Adoration on a special occasion is killing me inside. I vow to ask the priest this Sunday for guidance!

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