Friday, July 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes!

I went to my first Rodeo last night! A few towns away from where I live was the fair, and each day they have a event going on. Last night was the Rodeo! Both myself, Sebastian and my brother Paul ( he decided to stay another week after this, waaahoo!) headed over. It was so much fun! I got the full experience of a fair, lemonade shake up ( yes, my first one!) and singing the Star Spangled Banner, accompanied with a prayer from the announcer! We all had a good 2 hours of fun. I hope that they do it again next year!

The start!

 Wild Cow Milking!

Wild Horse Bucking!

I think I have hay fever or something going on because, I am feeling terrible today! I hate being a debbie downer, but oh man, being sick really brings you to reality as making tea is a struggle! My throat is aching, my ears are hurting. I speculate hay fever, but WED MD says either ran ear infection or Thyroid cancer... The worst is that I have to go to work tomorrow and I hate being sick while working as I have to deal with very strange customers at the gas station. Please pray for my sanity tomorrow!

I currently have cinnamon raisin bread rising. When I say rising, I mean not rising. I shouldn't bake when I am feeling like poop. I hope that I added all the right ingredients, and that it comes out decent, if not I am sure that the chickens will eat it!

I think I mentioned that at the end of July my cousin Justina, who also is one of my bridesmaids is coming into town for 8 days! She lives  1,000 miles away and I see her, well never! I figured this would be a perfect time to gather round all of my bridesmaids and let them get to know one another. I am planning a day out for dress shopping etc. I want to make them each a little gift basket so show my appreciation that they are coming from all over the country for my special day... I found a great groupon coupon ( yes, say that three times fast, haha) for VISTA PRINT, and made them t-shirts! Yay! Here is what they look like...

Obviously my maid of honor t-shirt for you guessed it my maid off honor!

For the rest of my bridesmaids!

You guessed it , my shirt!

Speaking of Groupon. Do any of you guys use it? I just found it a few months ago and hot dog! I love it! For those who do not know what it is.. here is a run down. I will use my t-shirts above as an example. Groupon is a website where you can find amazing coupons. These can be for restaurants, things and places to do, bars, Vistaprint, doctor appointments, massages, anything you can think of.  I saw a coupon for Vistaprint, an online printing store, the coupon was for 70 dollars off an order, to but this coupon you had to pay $17. This means that I bought the coupon for $17 and then was able to download it. When I went to Vistaprint to purchase the shirts, my total was about  $73. The coupon takes off $70 dollars, leaving me to pay $3. So instead of paying $73 for the shirts above, I only really paid $20. I hope this makes sense? Sebastian and I use this site often to decide what where where we will go for date night, and plan a lot of our vacations! Some things are worth it, others are not.

I cannot believe that it is already way into July. That means school is around the corner. Which means stress of senior year for both me and Sebastian. On the bright side we are getting married next September! Now, focus Joanna, FOCUS on graduating. AhgghhUhgh!

I am falling asleep from the allergy medicine that I took and have been typing this blog entry for the last two hours... which means my bread has been rising for a little over that. Whoops. Time ta put it in the oven and go to sleeeep and rest up. Yes, I realize that it is only 6:24 pm.
I apologize for my loopiness today. it has been a long and tiring day. help.


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