Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Musings

Right Now... It is 4:03. Dinner is waiting to be put in the oven. I am waiting for Sebastian to get home for dinner. My brother (yes he came back for another 2 weeks, yay!) is in the barn, cleaning up a few things. I am sitting down for a few minutes, thankfully it is my day off of work and I am catching up on cooking, baking, cleaning etc.!

This weekend was... Amazing! We went up to Chicago and the weekend was almost a blur. I will be posting another post as it was mostly wedding things, but here is a run down!

Friday my good friend Elizabeth came over and we had a at home lunch together and I asked her to be one of my bridesmaids which she happily accepted! When Sebastian got back we packed the car ( yes the baby kitten came along with us) and headed off to Chicago. I had a dress appointment at Davids Bridal with my mom and my aunt so we headed over there. The dress appointment went OK, didn't really see anything that I liked. Afterwards my mom and I went out for a quick bite which was amazing because 1) me and my mom never spend time together going out  etc. 2) my maid of honor, best friend, Victoria, was our waitress!

Saturday was a busy day. My mom and I decided to spend more time with one another and had a mini girls morning with a manicure and pedicure! Afterwards I met up with Victoria, and officially asked her to be by maid of honor! We spent some of the day together which was awesome! When evening hit my family, Sebastian and I headed to our appointment to see a wedding hall, along my two aunts came with. Afterwards, we went out to dinner ( another unusual thing for my family!) for my mothers belated birthday dinner. It was't till about 11 pm that I realized I still had homework to do for my online class... OOPS!

Sunday Sebastian went with my day to a flee market. I got to sleep in a little *bliss*. My mom decided to call up my aunts again and go to a bridal shop where my older sister got her dress. It was supposed to be a tiny little outing that ended up being completely different, once again i'll talk all about it in my wedding post ;). Needless to day we didn't follow our Sunday plan and didn't get back home ( with brother, a dog and kitten in tow) till 11 pm. After unpacking I think we all had no problems falling asleep;).

Some plans for the week... I only work two days this week ( as long as they call me in!)  I plan on using the rest of the day to organizing some wedding plans. Get the house in order, try out a new recipe or two. Sebastian is hosting a bachelor "camp out" party as he is the best man for a friend this October. They will be in the back of the sheep fields, far away from me. My only job is to bake the cake :). Other than that... it should be a peaceful week :).

I am grateful for... Gods grace. I thank God that this weekend went so oddly smoothly. My mom and I got along and had the same mind set, vision for the wedding and that was truly a blessing! I am grateful to be blessed with such wonderful friends and family who look out for me, point out my flaws as well as the good!

Some prayer intentions for the week... This week I would like to prayer for the continuation of peace that I had this past weekend with wedding planning. I have never had anxiety levels this low. I pray for my future marriage, and hope we will live not only for ourselves, but for each other and most importantly for God. I pray for my brother that is staying with us, that after this summer he is able to go home and appreciate all he has and step out of his comfort zone in his social and spiritual life. I pray for this beautiful weather that we are having today to continue. I pray for those who are struggling in their marriage or relationship to turn to prayer.

Something that makes me smile...

I may or may not have mentioned that I have a slight Amish obsession. Their recipes especially. Now that people opening know about this I often get Amish memorabilia. The true "culprit" of feeding this addiction is Sebastian's dad. He has a farm not to far from Shipshewana, Indiana. He often goes to the auctions and finds little gifts for me. I am trying to find a place for my little Amish trinkets, without over doing it and thus far have settled on this... The only thing that bothers me is I can see the electrical outlet, but alas, whenever I walk by I can't help but smile :)

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