Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Musings

Inspired by Jen over at Conversion Diary  and following many other awesome bloggers, I will be posting ( God willing) everyday for a week. So as always lets start out this beautiful week with...

Right now: It is 5:31 pm. Got back from work not to long ago. Waiting for Sebastian to come over from work to eat dinner with me :). I stole recipe from Amelia to make a salad.  The baby kitty is currently biting my toes. At one point I really should start doing homework!

The weekend: Was pretty awesome. Friday my parents came up and we spent some of the evening together catching up on the last week, some wedding talk etc. 

Saturday I had the day off from work and basically just worked around the farm. We had a few chores that we have been putting off that really needed to be done on top of all the daily chores. We needed to grind corn, weed and gather the garden, finish my wood shed :). I also fixed a pipe, yes me..a manly man pipe fixed by me. I felt so awesome. I showed my dad and he slightly laughed at my awesome..make shift job :). After working all morning Sebastian, my brother and I went to the beach for a little bit to swim and catch some sun. We grilled out and after Sebastian and and I went to the local town bar. They were setting up for a event and we got to watch that happen not to mention catch up with each other as the last week or so has been crazy. Afterwards we hung out with a few more family members back at the house:).

Sunday we had to go to 8 am Mass instead of a later one because I had to work at 11:15. I am still glad I got to go even though I was working. I hate working on Sundays, but it turned out to be a good work day and for that I am happy! Afterwards, Sebastian took me out to dinner for a belated Anniversary celebration,  we got coffee after and went to a few stores before coming back to the house and watching a movie.

Some plans for the week: I don't work till Friday, yay! That means I get to catch up on cleaning, canning, baking and homework! I have to finalize plans for my bridesmaids outing next week. Since I will be up in Chicago that weekend, and have everything within 2 minutes from my parents house I need to prepare o a list of groceries I want to bring back and other things that I an get done up there.

I am grateful for: Having such awesome customers at work who bring their fresh garden goodies, as my garden looks pretty pathetic right now! I am grateful for my parents who are running certain wedding errands for me since I am two hours away. I am grateful for my parents who are helping me receive an education , as much as I complain about it sometimes.I am grateful for my brother who stayed with us for over a month who helped me a ton around the farm! I am grateful for Martha who suffered from the same problem as I do, as in not slowing down and looking at the wonderful things right in front of me (Luke 10:38-42)

Prayer intentions: For my upcoming school year and classes to pan out so that I can graduate on time! For a few people in my town that are suffering severely from cancer.For my mom whose injuries still cause her pain and for a fast recovery on her newest hand sprain injury. Peace for Sebastian as he is dealing with stress and anxiety over his big job interview at a police department in a week. 

Something that makes me smile:

The most random/odd books at Goodwill. Look how happy these women look :). Ha ha.

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