Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Musings

Right Now: After a pretty busy, productive day I am sitting down before bed watching "Newsroom" with my brother. Sebastian, my brother and I decided to go out for ice cream after dinner, and made a quick grocery trip!

The weekend: was actually nice and slow! Weekends feel like they have been flying by lately, and that usually is caused by work, but... I had both  Saturday AND Sunday off!!! 

Saturday, Sebastian was out working a few jobs with stumping. My parents came by the farm and while my mom and I cooked and cleaned together my brother helped my dad build a wood shed. I even got to help with the shed building a little! Afterwards, My family met up with some other family members and we went to see fireworks on the lake! Oh! We also went swimming. What a great day!
Sunday, we went to Mass. It was definitely a hot day and I praise God everyday for the invention fans and air conditioning! Afterwards a few cousins came by to shoot guns with Sebastian. It makes me so happy to spend time with family, and that my fiance has a general interest spending time with them!

 Yay!  A almost done woodshed( the men need to find a door...somewhere). This will be in hand for rainy days as well as in the winter so that the wood does not get wet!
Happy 4th of July!

Some plans for the week: I am working Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I hope to try a new recipe or two. Sebastian and I hope to buy a new computer this week, any suggestions? We are doing more wedding planning, focusing on our Church and filling out our paperwork. I started reading a new book and hope to get deeper into it. it is called "A Year in Biblical Womanhood". I hope to do a post or two about it because it is very interesting. I don't agree 100% with the author but it is a good read thus far. I am also planning a bridesmaids get together for the end of July! This type of stress I love! I love to plan events, and although this get together will only be a day long, I am hosting a cousin of mine for a whole week. Whooo!

I am grateful for: Life! I am so happy that I am a healthy abled person. I am grateful that I have a loving family that cares for me! I am grateful that our kitten is slowly but surely getting littered trained. I am grateful for my fiances ability to speak when something bothers him, I need to learn to do this better! I am grateful for awesome bridesmaids who are bending over backwards trying to figure out our get together!
Some prayer intentions for the week: I pray that my moms new medication will work with her diabetes. My dad will get his butt to the doctor for his knee. For my brother that realizes how awesome God is, and that the Catholic faith is beautiful. For my fiance to have hope for finding a job, to worry about himself sometimes, to deal with his own spiritual battles. For me and my mom to better our relationship as the days, weeks, years go by, for the wedding planning to go by smoothly, for the strength to raise in the morning excited for life, for peace in my heart when I start getting stressed. For all my friends to enjoy the rest of their  summer break safely. For my blogger friends to have a wonderful week!

Something that makes me smile:

When a women is craving ice cream this man not only takes her but her brother out for a delicious treat :) Thank you sweetheart :)

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