Friday, July 19, 2013

Quick Take Friday

I love thrift store shopping, and I absolutely hate buying things, especially clothing items/books/decorations at full price. When I find an awesome deal, it feels amazing, and I want to tell the world. However, because I live 40 minutes from the nearest Goodwill, thrift store, any store really. I do go sparingly which is good and bad. Good because I am easily tempted by deals. Bad because I definitely believe in buying used, and you can't always find what you want on any given day when you go to a thrift store, going once a week for me is ideal, but not always feasible. Today, I did have the chance to go and here is what I scavenged!
I have been meaning to find a book about women of the Bible, to compliment my "A Year of Biblical Womanhood". Haven't read anything about it but for 99 cents, and a few minutes of skimming proved to be a risk worth taking.

I haven't read this book or heard anything about it. However, I do like Jodi Picoult, and figured for 99 cents, can be worth the try!

I found this very no ironed skirt , it is a pretty green with some detailing at the bottom that is hard to see. I really wish it were a tad longer, but can be a great around the house skirt if anything. Please don't mind my bleach stained shirt, also the picture is cropped as it is 110 degrees right now, and my face is all sorts of icky :)

I like buying crazy print skirts, because I can wear a plain top and it balances out perfectly ( I am not a huge risk taker n the fashion department). Very flowy, light material perfect for this over hot weather! Can't beat these skirts at $1.99!

Speaking of the heat. I am a horrible sister. As I mentioned in many posts earlier my younger brother Paul, who is 15 has been staying with us on and off for a total of probably a month or more now. He is leaving this weekend to go back to Chicago with my parents. He has been a great help here on the farm, and I will truly miss his man help around here. All week it has been in at least the 90's and  the last couple days we have had a heat advisory as it peaked to 110 degrees with awful humidity. Thank goodness for our house that is in the shade, and without the air on, it is a cool 74 degrees!  I wrote out a chore list yesterday for Paul, and as I was writing from inside the COOL house, I looked outside that the grass was getting a little tall. Not thinking I told him to mow( thankfully with a rider mower) our full 15 acre yard. I didn't realize how hot it was until I went outside AFTER he was done. I am a horrible sister. Poor Paul was drenched in sweat, with probably a hint of heat stroke, and dehydration. HE DIDN'T EVEN COMPLAIN ABOUT DOING IT AT ALL. I am a horrible sister, with an awesome brother.

I bought him a book today at Goodwill to bribe him for forgiveness, does that count? Haha. : /

I found an awesome article last night about breastfeeding. I have already shared it with a few blogger moms, bt figured it was such a happy (rare) news story I should share it with you. There has been a lot of breastfeeding talk in the blog world, news world everywhere world lately. I haven't contributed to the conversation much only because I am not a mom yet, therefore I almost feel as I do not have the right to make a statement yet. However, I DO support the women who breastfeed, and for those that have the courage to do it out in public where stares and ridicule can be common. I would like to and HOPE that I am able to breastfeed my future children, God willing. I think breastfeeding is natural, healthy for both mom and baby. It makes me mad that there is a "stigma" against it. So THANK YOU for those women who do breastfeed, and for those who do so in public areas. Thank you for the men who encourage their wives, and thank you for the supporters such as this one..


Bet most of you have been wondering about this rascal.


Here he is when I first "rescued" him from abandonment in the barn


And here is the monster now. Running around...everywhere. Thinks he is entitled to sleep anywhere... Eat anything, playfuly bite anyone... especially when they are cooking. BUT he is potty trained, seriously I feel more accomplished than what college has done for me so far. Ahh, I think we will keep him.

Speaking of college. School is going to start in about a month. Usually around this time I am itching to get back to the books. This is my senior year of my undergraduate. This is supposed to be the year I relax and focus on the future. However, due to a very unorganized system I will be taking around 30 credit hours each semester. Of very hard classes! I am not excited. I know I made a mistake coming to this certain school. I knew it after the first year, and the only good thing that is going to come out of it , is that I met my future husband here. Who shares the same disgust for this institution and what it has become. But there is no backing out now... One more year. I beg for prayers from you lovely women. I know it's just school and that babies, households are truly harder, but please I need your help.

On a completely different side note. I refuse to buy magazines anymore. Has anyone noticed how much they have gone up in price?! I wanted to grab a Home and Garden the other day... almost 6 dollars!  For me that is ridiculous. My solution... Find the magazines at a local thrift shop, go online, or buy them through my NOOK :). How do you guys save money on books,magazines,DVDs, VHS etc?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. For those in a heat advisory, stay COOL. Check on your neighbors, the elderly, and any families that do not have the luxury of air conditioning or shade!

Thank you to Jen over at Conversion Diary for hosting!

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