Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Journey Continues!

I have mentioned in a previous post that my cousin, also one of my bridesmaids is coming from Boston to visit at the end of July for 8 days! I decided that I would round up all of the bridesmaids and make a day out of going to look at dresses. Since most of these girls do not know each other, I want to give them a chance to get to know one another a little better as we probably wont ALL meet up together till closer to the wedding date. 

I want to also show them my appreciation for their support and willingness to travel, help, lick stamps, haha etc.! I posted a few days ago that I ordered t-shirts, and they have arrived! I want to make a few more items for them, as I want to explore my creative side AND make this a memorable day for all of us. Where better to o to get ideas than PINTREST! Below are some ideas of items I would like to make/buy for these girls. I will report what I get done ( I only have 2 weeks ... eek!) and what will be given. I can always use the ideas I don't have time for, for another gift closer to the wedding!

Cute poem!

Sweet necklace

Love this idea for their dresses, now.. how do I do that!?


Easy DIY!

More to come later :) Off to work beautiful ladies!

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