Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wedding Planning Continued

So I meant to write this post exactly a week ago. I knew that I would need to be in the right state of mind( peaceful and excited) and that it wouldn't be a quick post. I kept postponing this because as I have mentioned before it was a week filled with unpleasant happenings. When I last wrote about anything wedding planning related, I mentioned and put pictures of our hoped wedding hall. This is a run down of how last weekend actually went...

Friday - Sebastian and I had to hurry to go to my parents house ( about 2  hours away) because I was going to go look at wedding dresses with my mom and my aunt! I decided on these two women because I obviously wanted my mother to be there, and my aunt is my moms best friend and we all share a similar style, however very opinionated. We headed over to Davids Bridal , and after trying on about 10 dresses we all were left very unsatisfied. The consultant kept trying on the same dress style , even though I wanted to try on all different types , just to say that I did and that I didn't like them.

When it comes to my dress there are a few thoughts that go through my mind... 1) this IS the most important dress of my life, and I will only have one. 2) We do have a budget that we have to stick too. 3) I don't want  a dress that I have to change to much about, and I want positive reactions from both my mother and my aunt. 4) Are all the dresses seriously strapless :( ? So Davids Bridal was a bust, and we moved on.

Saturday - This was the day that we were going to go ahead and look at the banquet hall that we had reservations for, this is the "castle" one that I mentioned in an earlier post. Needless to say, we ALL fell in love with it. The prices are reasonable, the decor is beautiful and... WE BOOKED IT! I am so happy! We are officially penned in with a  deposit for September 20th, 2014! Oh happy day! Here are some pictures of our adventure! My mother, father, brother , aunt and aunt went with Sebastian and I. It was great to hear positive reactions from everyone(believe me this VERY rarely happens haha) Here are some pictures...:)
My amazing mom and ever growing brother! This is the parking lot area of the banquet hall.

This is the front of the hall!

My patient father and loving fiance!

Sunday - On Sunday Sebastian and I were  planning on going back to our neck of the woods early afternoon. Little did we know that those plans would quickly change when my mom and I decided to make a "quick" trip to the bridal store where my older sister bought her dress. Along with us my two aunts came again. This dress adventure was a lot more relaxed, fun as our consultant put me in crazy dresses I would never wear, to dresses that were questionable. There was this one dress on the hanger that technically fit my criteria ( not strapless, not tight fitting, beautiful, and not to "showy"). However, it wasn't the material that I was looking for, it wasn't the right color ( it was pink! but it could be ordered in white) and it was almost to simple for my taste. 
However, I put it on, turned around toward my aunts and mom  and they all started bawling. Needless to say.... I FOUND MY DRESS! Well, we of course didn't make that decision right away ( this turned into an almost 5 hour ordeal) we called in my maid of honor for an opinion... which was positive! We got the price we were looking for and when we called my dad, my dad approved it over the phone... OH HAPPY DAY!

Needless to say, we just knocked out TWO big things on our wedding planning list! That makes me thrilled because we are still over a year away from the big day, but with our senior year of college approaching soon it is such as good thing that we are getting ahead of the game!

* I am not showing the picture of the dress nor am I saying to much detail about it because I want to keep it a secret till the big day! :)

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