Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Musings

Right Now: 4:27 pm. Just finished up my homework and I am about to start studying for Mid Terms. I have two of them tomorrow. Mid Terms during homecoming week? Come on, who does that, haha! Reno the cat just jumped up on my lap, thus, making it even more difficult to study and type this wonderful blog spot :). Sebastian should be getting off work shortly. The animals are fed. All seems calm :). The windows are way open as the weather is beautiful outside. Probably one of the last times I will have all my windows open for the season!

This Weekend: Man on man are weekend always a blur. I feel as if I plan so much stuff thinking, what else could I possibly be doing with my time off. I am usually disappointed that I didn't get my to-do listed all completed come Monday morning.
           Friday - My mom was over this Friday and we got to talk and we watched a movie together. I was all sorts of worn out from the week and after a little bit of  reading other peoples blogs, studying I called it a night, at 10 pm!
        Saturday - I worked in the morning and then Sebastian and I went to go see our school play. Sebastian has to seem them because he is in a class that requires him to go to all the performances. I like to tag along because, well heck, nothing beats a $5 play date :). I was very surprised on how much I enjoyed this play! Our school plays I would say are decent, but lack the funding that could make them a ton better. This time oh no. The talent was amazing. We both literally laughed I would say 85% of the time. The play was called " The Complete Works of Shakespeare" which as the titled suggests , in an hour and a half showcases all of Shakespeare work. It was a modern twist , I loved it!
          Sunday - Since we have started going to a new church during the evening I have been able to sleep in on Sundays a little, get homework done and usually enjoy a delicious breakfast which is a nice change from the 6 am running around like crazy trying to make it to church on time. Breakfast featured Apple Filled Pancakes that were recommended by a fellow blogger, and I will make a Tasty Tuesday post on them soon!

Some plans for the week: Midterms, Midterms Midterms. ahdfsdkjh. Other than the aforementioned horror of Mid Terms I will be going Sebastian to RCIA once again this week. Thursday we may have a cookout with a friend. The weekend is still up in the air as we were supposed to go camping but there is talk of rain :(. We might head down to Arthur, Illinois and enjoy a nice Saturday of Amish filled goodies :)? Oh! All week is homecoming week! Since I am have transferred over to the dark side of being a commuter, dun dun dunnnn I feel so out of the loop, but I will probably still go to some of the festivities!

I am grateful for: Awesome professors who take the time out of their day to help me out. Professors who agree on a group quiz, sensing that me, myself and I someone is not comfortable with the material. Starbucks for creating the goodness that is called a pumpkin delicious scone. The internet where I found the recipe for that delicious scone so that I could reproduce it without having to drive (25miles) to the nearest Starbucks to fulfill my desire. For my school for giving us a day off of Friday, thus making it possible for me to bake my delicious scones ( sensing a pattern here?:] )

Prayer intentions: Once again, Mid Terms Mid Terms. Oh if you are so gracious to take a moment of your day to send up a prayer for me to not just PASS my midterms but to not have a anxiety attack before hand. Two of my hardest ones are tomorrow. I feel like I am running around without a head. For my parents who are working so hard to be able to support all of their children in every way possible. For my dads hurting heart as the 19th anniversary of my older brothers death was yesterday. For my older brothers soul. For all of the unborn children, for their parents to chose life. For all of those participating in 40 Days For Life.

Something that makes me smile:
We got these shirts when we were in Wisconsin this past summer, on a absolute whim. Ha ha. I love that he doesn't mind being silly with me, and will proudly wear this ridiculous shirt :)

Remember that you are beautiful and loved!
God Bless.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

What I Wore Sunday!

Normally I don't do a whole lot of internet-ness on Sundays... but,  today was the rare occasion that I had my picture taken before we went off to evening Mass and figured why not link up with the beautiful ladies over at Fine Linen and Purple and do a WIWS! :)

Shirt - Very old! Bought at Wal-Mart and it is still going strong....!

Cardigan - I think JC PENNY? Another very old item.

Skirt - My grandmas closet! She passed it on to me years ago and it is SO comfy, and perfect for church!

Jewelry - A cross necklace that I received from Sebastian. My engagement ring, and a charm bracelet my cousin gave me ( I will have to explain the meaning and get a close up shot of it soon, I love it!

Shoes - Can't see them, but Goodwill black semi flat lace shoes :)

Puppy - Faithful farm dog who keeps me safe at night? Rita :)

Have a great Sunday everyone!
Please keep me in your prayers for this upcoming Mid Term week!

Friday, September 27, 2013

7 Quick Take Friday! Horse Edition :)

Hi everyone! My name is Chief, and I am a 17 year old Mustang (freeze branded) who has been recently( Late July) adopted by this awesome human family, and I live on their farm. I would like to share my story.

I was trapped out in the wild when I was a little foal by a bunch of men who sold me at a slaughter auction to another man. He was not a very nice man, and he didn't have all that much money. After a few years of just sitting on his property I was sold to another man who was looking for a rodeo horse. I really didn't like this man all that much as he beat me when I didn't buck or throw people off. I didn't understand, I thought humans wanted me to be nice to them? Years later they took me to another slaughter auction and hoped I could be at least sold for meat. I was sold to a man who did not like me :( he seemed to drink a lot of that beer stuff and would beat me. 
He often forgot to feed me and due to my  malnutrition my teeth started to fall out. I was very unhappy. About a year ago a nice lady took me in a taught me how to be a good horse! Unfortunately she ran out of money and out of food for me. I was brought to a small farm with no room to run. The other horses were mean and would not let me eat the hay. Those owners looked high and low for a new human to take care of me. This past July  I was taken out of my corral, brushed, and allowed to feed on the grass. This blonde women came up to me and she PETTED ME! It felt so good. I didn't understand. She told me she was going to take me home and make me fat. What is fat? This was my first day on this new woman's farm.

She seemed very nice. I was so hungry. So tired. My teeth hurt. My feet needed to be trimmed. Why did she want me? I saw that she had a man with her. I was scared of him. I didn't want to be hurt again.



That nice lady unhooked my halter and told me to go run around. They have so much room! SO much grass! I didn't know where to start! That nice lady kept coming out making sure I had enough food and water. She would give me so much food that for the first time I think my tummy hurt from too much food! She even put some kind of lotion on all my wounds, It kind of hurt, but I understood that it was to make me feel better. She cleaned me and got my hooves trimmed, oh what a relief that was! I was still very skinny but oh  felt that was not going to last very long


Looking back now I cannot believe how skinny I was!

Did you guys know that this new ladys name is MOM! AHHHH I love her! I gt so excited when she started coming home from work and school. She would brush me and feed me yummy in my tummy treats. Oh yes, she also tried braiding my hair. I think she forgot I am a boy, but thats okay! I love her, and she can do whatever she wants with my hair! Mom started calling me Chief. I like my name :).

Mom is awesome. She feeds me. She even came out one day just to talk to me and I heard her talking to her self but keep mentioning God. I don't really know what was going on but I just stayed near her until she stopped crying. Mom said she was really nervous about going back to school? Apparently its a horrible place where you have to sit allllll day. I wasn't to happy that she was going to be gone. Mom also told me about her other horses that she had, as well as her riding day. She tells me that riding for her is TER A PU TIC? I don't know, I don't always understand humans. Oh. By the way. That man that was always around mom? He is getting married to mom which means I will have a dad! He is a man, but he is super nice. He is kind of scared of horses but me and him get along great. He loves giving me treats. Which I take happily, and my waist line started expanding...

Dad gives me delicious things called karetts and aples and ohats. Sorry my spelling isn't that good.
No ribs?!

The big day came. Mom said she has a saddle and that she was going to get on ME. Ahh the pressure. Dad told me to be good, that mom was terrified of getting on me because she wasn't sure how I was going to act, plus the last horse mom rode went crazy and mom was in the hospital for a very long time. Dad kept using that word again, TERA PU TIC and TERA PEE. Apparently I was her TERA PEE? I didn't know what dad meant. But you can be sure as ever I was going to make my mom proud! 
Don't I look handsome and not as boney!
Ever since I have been enjoying my time here on the farm. Mom said she will never ever give me up. I don't want to leave! I may not be perfect and give my mom a headache here(especially when the vet bill rolls around) and there but I am the best that I can be!I forgive all of those men who were not very nice to me! I am happily living here eating and enjoying life!

 Oh! Mom told me that Ms. Amelia
really likes horses! If you are ever in Illinois Ms. Amelia you are welcome to stop by, I'll share my oats with you :)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Five Fall Favorites

Linking up with MoxieWife  and following .finelinenandpurple in what my 5 Fall Favorites are :)

 Pumpkin Spice Lattes as well as anything and everything pumpkin flavored! Every fall I go out on a pumpkin spice binge! It does help that I live very close to the Libby pumpkin plant :).

Morton Pumpkin Festival! Near and dear to mine and Sebastian's heart, and well as an excellent source to stock up on everything pumpkin :). Plus all the other festivals that fall has to offer!

Comfy long skirts and hoodies! 
I wear skirts/dresses 99.9% of my life. The few exceptions are horrendous barnwork where a skirt is just unsafe, horseback riding, and sometimes bed! On warmer days I like cotton flowy pretty skirts, and on colder winter days I prefer a heavier material and jean skirts. The fall and spring is that perfect transition period of warm and cold weather and these maxi skirts are just SO incredibly comfy! And who doesn't love hoodies :)

I maybe crazy. I maybe acting like a two year old. However, I know I am not the only one. One thing I have to say I love about my college is it really is beautiful. The old buildings which are on the historical registry, and the colorful trees. When the leaves start falling you betcha you will find us stomping on those leaves :). Especially before finals when we are stressed beyond belief!

This maybe cheating, but my last favorite thing is all the fun activities that you get to do. Apple picking, bonfires, pumpkin carving, homecoming at my school, perfect horseback riding weather, etc!

Happy Fall :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Update Train Continues! Eats!

For the last part of the summer Sebastian and I decided to turn around some of our horrible eating habits that we have acquired by being cheap/poor/lazy/never having enough time college students.

At our school, if you live on campus (which did for my first two years) you are required to be on a  meal plan provided by the school. Basically our options were
-Sand which bar
-Salad bar
-Burger/fried food bar
-Pizza bar
- "leftover" over bar

Although I am fortunate and very happy that I was able to eat unlike many starving people of this world, I did have some greivances. For the money that my generous parents spent (about $5,000 a semester) on the meal plan I could have been buying much healthier, organic/natural foods myself!

Keep in mind we are only in school for 9 months out of the year, if you had to skip dinner because of a job/meeting/class etc, oh well! There goes your non refundable meal. Some days (Sundays) you only had 2 meals. Now, I certainly did not go hungry( my growing waistline during those years will testify to that), but being a cheap thrifty person that I am, I could not justify spending that much money on food that was mediocre, that half the time I could not eat ( work/class/church), not to mention buying additional snacks and what not to supplement those nights where I stayed up hanging out with my girl friends, studying ;).

Needless to say, the freshmen 15 was the freshmen 30 , even though I was even actively involved in swimming ( and a million other activities), so it just didn't make sense.
My junior year I moved out of the dorms( best. decision. ever.) and I was on my own!
On my own.... meaning having to relearn/remember what my mom taught me about cooking! I was spoiled the last few years with "easy, from a box stuff".

Anyway, this past summer I decided to dive into cookbooks and rediscover my passion for cooking, hence I linked up with another blogger to do Tasty Tuesday ( I know, I know, give me a week to catch up!).

With my passion for cooking came research etc. I soon learned terms such as; Organic, USDA,Natural, GMO free, hormone,pesticide free, what gluten is, what chemicals are good and what to not touch with a ten foot pole, etc!

 Living on a farm has spoiled me rotten to enjoy fresh non hormone chicken, beef, and lamb. Fresh eggs every morning, a summer garden full of goodies canned into the winter months. Trees with so much fruit sharing is a must. But what about those winter months where you run out of canned, or simply need to buy at the store? What about coffee? 

Sebastian and I did a ton of research both with our minds and our taste buds this summer, with information from local farmers, starting to read ingrediants, watching documentaries( our guilty pleasure) and overall diving into the food scene. What we found was incredible and it would take me forever to explain in this already long post, so i'll save it for another time. Basically we came together and make a list (list making; another hobby of ours)

What do we want to accomplish from changing our diet?
- Feel better, more energized, and loseing a few pounds here and there wouldn't hurt.
- Make sure the food we are consuimng whether it is home grown or bought is used fully (no throwing food out!) scraps are recycled by giving them to the chickens!
-Make sure that the food that we consume come from reliable sources where no one has been hurt by the process( no child labor, horrible pesticides that infect water, fair trade and local buying all the way!)

How do we plan on changing?
- Start looking at labels, get familiar with brands that fit our criteria
-Take advantage of the fact that we live in teh country with the ability to grow our own food, and share it with those who cannot
-Farmers markets!
-Seasonal food!
-Keep on educating ourselves and sharing what we know
-Realize that we are not perfect and this is a lifestyle change not a overnight miracle.

Now hop over to The Catholic Lady to read her post about "Eating Healthy in an Unhealthy World"

God Bless :)

P.S. It's Sebastian's first night of RCIA! We are both excited and nervous, pray for us that all goes well :)?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Catholic Singles

Catholic? Single? Looking to Mingle ;) Check out 

Ha ha. Okay so what used to be a taboo subject (meeting people online) has recently(?) become the norm, at least it seems that way with young people today! Here is my story of "virtual dating" ( oh gosh that definitely makes me sound wayyy more tech savy than I actually am!).

After discerning with a few religious orders for quite sometime, and realizing that my vocation is marriage I was on the hunt. You would think going to a "Christian" school would be metropolis of Christ-like gentlemen, or our wonderful Newman center with 2 males would be a overdose of testosterone, but alas it was not.
 Our Newman Center was very close, as we had 10 (or so) solid members, and dating would just have been...weird... almost incestuous... Keep in mind my school is small, about 600 students, and as a post FOCUS conference, young Catholic women I was "on fire" to keep my priorities straight in regard to courtship.  There actually weren't a lot of practicing young Catholic on campus, probably because about a 100 years or so Catholics weren't even allowed to live in that town.... that's a story for another time. So, one day as I read the Church newsletter I noticed an advertisement on the back "Catholic Singles". Having dabbled with online dating websites before, mostly for the entertainment of my girlfriends, I decided THIS was the answer.

I remember sitting down that Sunday night not being able to focus on homework, after all of my homework was done ;), and starting to set up my profile. I was actually very pleasantly surprised on how organized this site was as well as that Catholicism was really the main focus. Not only were there questions such as " How often do you attend Mass" etc. but tougher questions such as " On a scale from 1-10 how much do you agree with the Church on this topic", " What is your current stance in the Church", " Are you able to get married in the Church". Some of these questions were pretty personal, but important, and you did have the option to say "ask me later".

Anyway, after completing my profile, uploading a picture, I decided to roam around the sight. There were forums that you could participate in. Every week their was a Homily from a priest. There was a relationship advice column and of course the option to search for other members. I thought this was fun and I definitely remember looking at some guys and thinking if they're my future husband *embarrassing face palm*.

 Because I was a "free" subscriber I could not send or reply to written email messages. I could however send "icons" such as " have a blessed day" , roses, smiley faces and many others. I received an array of messages from anything to " you are wonderful, come to my island and marry me, I am a rich man".... to " can you take a look at my profile and see if you would like to continue a conversation". Thankfully I never got inappropriate messages, but I heard that the company is pretty good on deleting those types of subscribers.

After a few months of being on the website I talked to a few people here and there but nothing ever really "sparked" or "cliqued". But then. Boom. Two, God fearing, attractive, devout Catholic men came a knocking.. their names... both MATT. Ha ha! That is when I caved and paid for a 1 month subscription so that we could actually talk and get to know one another more. Matt 1 lived actually about 7 miles away from me and Matt 2 lived a few states away. Both very different from one another, Matt 1 loved to ride motorcycles, hike, go to concerts,travel everything of that nature. Matt 2 , a little more shy, a farmer, loved animals, rode horses, and very sweet.

As I started to get to know both of them a little bit more via email, I felt a stronger connection  to Matt 2. Matt 1 was great, and actually a week after talking to me he met his wife! Now 2 years later they are happily married! Matt 2 however was a little bit of a different story... 

After talking to Matt 2 via email, we deiced to exchange phone numbers and text and eventually start talking on the phone. My heart was on a constant "high(?)". We would pray together over the phone. We had similar family situations. We had similar dreams, goals, and aspirations etc. Everything seemed perfect, and I was walking on a cloud everyday! I remember after a few months of talking he said " Joanna, if I wasn't so far away right now, I would ask to take you on a date. I pray everyday that we are able to one day meet". Well slap me silly, he took my breath away. We weren't dating,  but we were talking.

Weeks rolled by and things were changing. We still talked, although it felt more out of habit. This may seem crazy to some but I didn't feel like we were challenging ourselves. We stayed in our comfortable bubble and didn't approach subjects that would force us to think and pray. Everything was just ok. I guess what I mean is we weren't growing as Catholics. We weren't encouraging each other to read this or that, or sign up for a class etc. It almost seemed that as friends, we were great. However, as a potential couple not so much.

Matt decided it was time for us to meet. That in two weeks, if I was okay with it, he would drive down, get a hotel room for himself for a few nights and us get to know each other in person. Although I felt in my heart that this wasn't going to head in the direction of a romantic relationship, I felt as we owed it to one another to at least try  to see each other and remain friends!

As the days came and went, I was anticipating his arrival with a lump in my throat. A few days before he was going to come down, Matt 2 decided that it may not be such a good idea anymore, and backed out on the plan. I was a mixture of sad, relieved, upset, confused. I agreed with him, and figured at least we were on the same page. (Matt however, is now happily engaged :)!)

A few days went by, and the day of "arrival" came. Originally I took the day off of work but told my boss that it wasn't necessary anymore. I started work at 4pm, and I remember estimating his arranged arrival to be at around 4:45. Guess who came in at 4:45, to my work that very day.
So needless to say. Catholic Singles? Eh why not give it  a try. No matter what, God has already established  our plan for us. For Matt 1 it was a week after him and I talked. Matt 2 a few months after him and I decided not to meet up. For me? Well, lets just say, I am blessed and highly favored.

God Bless.

Oh. by the way :) Sebastian and I celebrated our "last year  of engagement"  yesterday as it was September 20th, 2013, and our wedding will be September ,20th, 2014 :)
I am a lucky lucky woman!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults 

So those who have read my " How We Met" post know by now that Sebastian is Catholic, and that was always a very important feature for me for a feature spouse. What some of you may or may not know is that he is not confirmed! When I found this out I was pretty much in shock and not sure how to take this.

Sebastian decided to not get confirmed at the "normal age" as most young Catholics do as he felt he was not ready. I admire  this in him because I felt the same way! I felt like I wanted to go to CCD for one more year, really dive into the Bible, ask those hard to answer questions, and really make this a serious commitment. Unfortunately  my parents did not agree and "highly encouraged" me to not cause shame on the family and get confirmed that year, my CCD teachers agreed with my parents. I was not a very happy camper.
Now looking back I am glad that I did it that year but... for reasons you may not expect.

"Forcing" me into confirmation made me highly dislike the church, which lead to me tearing away with a " I'm never coming back" which actually let me to do my own research, join a Newman Center in college and FINALLY get all of those questions answered. 

Ladies, it was bad. I wasn't prepared for confirmation at that time at all. I would say 75% of my class at the time couldn't name  more than 5 saints, didn't know what the Catechism was, never opened a bible after communion ( including class!), didn't pass their test , thought that we DO worship Mary and the Saints, and probably a hundred of other things that I could think of. I was definitely one of them, and I WANTED to know. I didn't find out in COLLEGE that the Mass has two parts, that the Eucharist is the actual Blood and Body of Jesus Christ!

I could blame my parents, but coming from a communistic country where 1) Catholicism was banned and 2) if you happened to find a Mass and go, it was in Latin, no one understood what was said at Church. So I can only praise them for continuing their Catholic faith and passing it on to me.

I could blame the school, but they had a lot of students, and I was just another number. Lack of resources, lack of funds, they wanted us to just get confirmed without causing problems.

Instead, I give no blame but count it as a learning experience.  I learned on my own time and now... I get to "re do" it with Sebastian!

Sebastian was fortunate to get that option of being confirmed or not. He decided not to and, he went  through a rough patch of whether he wanted to stay in the Church, which he decided he couldn't live without it! It has taken him way to long, but he made it a priority that before we are married he must be confirmed!

Living in the middle of nowhere kind of sucks sometimes  But we FOUND A CHURCH THAT WE LOVE!!!!! It is a little bigger than what we expected but that just means more resources etc.!  It is also 45 minutes away, but hey talking time in the car ;) ?

Their RCIA program meets on Tuesday evenings, and guess what... I am encouraged to come. Which means I get to learn and relearn more awesome church teachings. You know what else? I am praying that we find some couples/individuals that we can get together with! 

I am excited:)
Maybe this church even has bible studies that I could participate in or something similar? :)

God bless :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Senior Year

As a continuation of my catching up series, another new trickle of fun in my life is SCHOOL! As mentioned in many posts before I was terrified of beginning my senior year. No, it was not because "I was soooo sad to leave", in fact I had no motivation to go back. I was scared I was not going to graduate on time. I was fearing my class load was way over loaded. I was cringing at the fact that I might have to go back next year, and take a week off to you know, get married.  Although I do not want to pursue a Masters degree straight after my bachelors it may be something I decide in the future. Not graduating would mean I would be a wife, a student, and career seeker. There is nothing wrong with that, minus the fact that I just really want school to be done. I begged all of you for prayers, and did some serious praying myself.

And waited...
And cried...
and prayed...
And cried on Sebastian shoulder some more

Until I had the brilliant idea of going and talking to my schools registrar who handles all the schedules.
She was my beacon of light as she rearranged my  Fall semester, and Spring semester so that I could walk in the May ceremony and all I would have to do is suffer through one more summer class and be done! It literally felt as if a HUGE, 1000 pound weight was lifted off of my shoulders and thrown into the garbage!

The truth is, I still have a challenging semester this fall which is starting to show its wrath more and more each day. I have decided to only work weekend. Most of the important wedding stuff is done and the rest can be put off till Christmas Break etc. I am actually, fully, for the first time in 5 years (?) completely focus on school. Guess what? I am pulling some awesome grades ( wish I would have focused like this on school a little earlier). So while the rest of my senior class is falling into "senioritis", I am bulldozing my way to make sure I am going to graduate. I feel at peace with this ( minus the moments I want to rip my hair out), and I am motivated, God willing, that I will succeed.

For those who are interested my schedule this fall is....


Asian Religions (gen ed)
Accounting II (Business Administration major)
Policing and Investigations ( Criminal Justice major requirement)
Microeconomics (Business Administration major)

Tuesday /Thursday

Sociology (gen ed as well as  Criminal Justice major requirement)
Criminal Procedure (Criminal Justice major requirement)
Minority Peoples (Criminal Justice major requirement)

I am unsure if I ever mentioned what my "hopes" after graduate are, although it is a post in itself the "plan" so far is...
*Get married
* Start looking for work ( probation with juveniles would be ideal, or you know... anything that pays..)

* Sebastian has already started looking for a job, which will be a lot harder for him and *GULP* he has already been looking out of state... which is another post on itself as well...

Basically he has a one up because it will be harder for him to find a job ( police work) and since probation officers are needed... everywhere, I will follow him and pray I find something there.

I pray and hope I am happy with my future career, but in my heart I feel the call to be a mother and a wife. I hope we will have the resources and ability to make it possible for me to stay home if God has plans for us to have children, as I think that would be the most fulfilling "career" I could ever undertake.


In a nutshell, I am happy where I am with school right now. I cannot wait for it to be over with. I cannot wait for my wedding day. I humbly ask you all to please continue praying for Sebastian and I as we embark this home stretch of our academic lives (for now) and that we may get through it with minimal psychological damage, haha :)

 Know that you are beautiful and loved!


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bridesmaid Day!

            As most of you know… I AM GETTING MARRIED: ). I am so super excited and nervous, and impatient and all feelings combined…. And this is a year before the day can you imagine what I will be the day of?! Ha ha! Anyway, our wedding date is September 20th, 2014. I like to do everything early and due to our long engagement this worked perfectly with me. Especially because we are both in school, work, and have a mini farm but our wedding happenings( Church, venue, EVERYTHING) is two hours away, in Chicago. This makes it a little tough and we have to plan way in advanced to do anything wedding related. Thank goodness I have awesome parents who are helping out by running small detail errands for when I can’t make it (running paper work over to our Church etc.) One of my blog posts before I went MIA for a little bit was about my bridesmaid gathering! Here is a little glimpse into our day!

 Here are three of my beautiful bridesmaids! Starting from the left, my niece Kelly, my cousin Justina, and my very good friend Elizabeth! Yes we have those matching shirts :)
 Going into Davids bridal! From the left, my amazing Maid of Honor Victoria, my other cousin Justina, Elizabeth, Kelly, and Justina.
 Filling out all of our paperwork:)
 Maid of Honor Victoria showing off her shirt!
 Each girl got her own huge dressing room!
 These mirrors were awesome, but a little intimidating!
 Tons of dresses to chose from!
 The group all together!. Me in the middle.
5 hours, two dress shops, and 1 coffee later we are starving!

 We had lunch at a new place called "Forno Rosso", which is basically a pizza place that makes their pizzas in a wood burning oven. Although a little pricey, it was delicious!
There are millions of other pictures but they show my bridesmaids in dresses and I would really like to keep that a surprise till the wedding day! However, we DID choose the dress, and it wasn't from Davids Bridal but the bridal store that I choose my dress from = more discounts $-)

Have a beautiful day everyone!