Friday, September 27, 2013

7 Quick Take Friday! Horse Edition :)

Hi everyone! My name is Chief, and I am a 17 year old Mustang (freeze branded) who has been recently( Late July) adopted by this awesome human family, and I live on their farm. I would like to share my story.

I was trapped out in the wild when I was a little foal by a bunch of men who sold me at a slaughter auction to another man. He was not a very nice man, and he didn't have all that much money. After a few years of just sitting on his property I was sold to another man who was looking for a rodeo horse. I really didn't like this man all that much as he beat me when I didn't buck or throw people off. I didn't understand, I thought humans wanted me to be nice to them? Years later they took me to another slaughter auction and hoped I could be at least sold for meat. I was sold to a man who did not like me :( he seemed to drink a lot of that beer stuff and would beat me. 
He often forgot to feed me and due to my  malnutrition my teeth started to fall out. I was very unhappy. About a year ago a nice lady took me in a taught me how to be a good horse! Unfortunately she ran out of money and out of food for me. I was brought to a small farm with no room to run. The other horses were mean and would not let me eat the hay. Those owners looked high and low for a new human to take care of me. This past July  I was taken out of my corral, brushed, and allowed to feed on the grass. This blonde women came up to me and she PETTED ME! It felt so good. I didn't understand. She told me she was going to take me home and make me fat. What is fat? This was my first day on this new woman's farm.

She seemed very nice. I was so hungry. So tired. My teeth hurt. My feet needed to be trimmed. Why did she want me? I saw that she had a man with her. I was scared of him. I didn't want to be hurt again.



That nice lady unhooked my halter and told me to go run around. They have so much room! SO much grass! I didn't know where to start! That nice lady kept coming out making sure I had enough food and water. She would give me so much food that for the first time I think my tummy hurt from too much food! She even put some kind of lotion on all my wounds, It kind of hurt, but I understood that it was to make me feel better. She cleaned me and got my hooves trimmed, oh what a relief that was! I was still very skinny but oh  felt that was not going to last very long


Looking back now I cannot believe how skinny I was!

Did you guys know that this new ladys name is MOM! AHHHH I love her! I gt so excited when she started coming home from work and school. She would brush me and feed me yummy in my tummy treats. Oh yes, she also tried braiding my hair. I think she forgot I am a boy, but thats okay! I love her, and she can do whatever she wants with my hair! Mom started calling me Chief. I like my name :).

Mom is awesome. She feeds me. She even came out one day just to talk to me and I heard her talking to her self but keep mentioning God. I don't really know what was going on but I just stayed near her until she stopped crying. Mom said she was really nervous about going back to school? Apparently its a horrible place where you have to sit allllll day. I wasn't to happy that she was going to be gone. Mom also told me about her other horses that she had, as well as her riding day. She tells me that riding for her is TER A PU TIC? I don't know, I don't always understand humans. Oh. By the way. That man that was always around mom? He is getting married to mom which means I will have a dad! He is a man, but he is super nice. He is kind of scared of horses but me and him get along great. He loves giving me treats. Which I take happily, and my waist line started expanding...

Dad gives me delicious things called karetts and aples and ohats. Sorry my spelling isn't that good.
No ribs?!

The big day came. Mom said she has a saddle and that she was going to get on ME. Ahh the pressure. Dad told me to be good, that mom was terrified of getting on me because she wasn't sure how I was going to act, plus the last horse mom rode went crazy and mom was in the hospital for a very long time. Dad kept using that word again, TERA PU TIC and TERA PEE. Apparently I was her TERA PEE? I didn't know what dad meant. But you can be sure as ever I was going to make my mom proud! 
Don't I look handsome and not as boney!
Ever since I have been enjoying my time here on the farm. Mom said she will never ever give me up. I don't want to leave! I may not be perfect and give my mom a headache here(especially when the vet bill rolls around) and there but I am the best that I can be!I forgive all of those men who were not very nice to me! I am happily living here eating and enjoying life!

 Oh! Mom told me that Ms. Amelia
really likes horses! If you are ever in Illinois Ms. Amelia you are welcome to stop by, I'll share my oats with you :)


  1. Such a happy story, especially for a Friday. I can't wait to meet Chief. He looks happy. Good job Mom and Dad!

  2. Awww...what a handsome boy...and lucky horse to have you rescue him! If I'm ever in IL, I'll have to come give him a pat and some carrots. :)