Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bridesmaid Day!

            As most of you know… I AM GETTING MARRIED: ). I am so super excited and nervous, and impatient and all feelings combined…. And this is a year before the day can you imagine what I will be the day of?! Ha ha! Anyway, our wedding date is September 20th, 2014. I like to do everything early and due to our long engagement this worked perfectly with me. Especially because we are both in school, work, and have a mini farm but our wedding happenings( Church, venue, EVERYTHING) is two hours away, in Chicago. This makes it a little tough and we have to plan way in advanced to do anything wedding related. Thank goodness I have awesome parents who are helping out by running small detail errands for when I can’t make it (running paper work over to our Church etc.) One of my blog posts before I went MIA for a little bit was about my bridesmaid gathering! Here is a little glimpse into our day!

 Here are three of my beautiful bridesmaids! Starting from the left, my niece Kelly, my cousin Justina, and my very good friend Elizabeth! Yes we have those matching shirts :)
 Going into Davids bridal! From the left, my amazing Maid of Honor Victoria, my other cousin Justina, Elizabeth, Kelly, and Justina.
 Filling out all of our paperwork:)
 Maid of Honor Victoria showing off her shirt!
 Each girl got her own huge dressing room!
 These mirrors were awesome, but a little intimidating!
 Tons of dresses to chose from!
 The group all together!. Me in the middle.
5 hours, two dress shops, and 1 coffee later we are starving!

 We had lunch at a new place called "Forno Rosso", which is basically a pizza place that makes their pizzas in a wood burning oven. Although a little pricey, it was delicious!
There are millions of other pictures but they show my bridesmaids in dresses and I would really like to keep that a surprise till the wedding day! However, we DID choose the dress, and it wasn't from Davids Bridal but the bridal store that I choose my dress from = more discounts $-)

Have a beautiful day everyone!

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