Friday, September 6, 2013

Excuses, Excuses.

I know. I have been gone. My last post was me indicating that I will blog everyday for a week, and then BAM. Nothing for over a month? Jeez Joanna! Get a grip! I wish I had a fantastic excuse with me going and traveling the world or something amazing like that but I don't :). Life simply turned for the busy, then I got sick, then busy and now school!

There is SO much that I want to write about, but right this second I just simply do not have the time, but I promise this evening, shall be a turn for the better :). Alrighty, to get MY mind straight and to have this post not be completely pointless here is a mini list ( because I am sure that I will think of stuff throughout the day) of things that happened while I was gone!

*Bridesmaid gathering!
* My new chapel veil/new rosary!
*A few new books I have read/am reading.
*My school update... dun dun dun... I will graduate on time... sort of... stay tuned ;)
* Recipes galore!
*New additions to the farm :) :) :)
*A new dietary take on life
*Upcoming Winter dressing woes

Anyway! I hope to get all caught up fairly soon. I don't really know how many people read my blog, aside from the few emails I get here and there. I don't proclaim to be a writer, but it does help me relieve stress. I love looking back on posts and seeing how nervous I was for ____ and how I over came that ex. our parents meeting! However, to whomever might be reading these atrociously poor "grammered" posts, I apologize. To the ladies that I subscribe to... you are my inspiration to lead a better Catholic life, how to apply my faith into daily life and showing me that everything doesn't always go great!

I am off to class now!

P.S. Although I was MIA, I have been reading all of your wonderful blogs :)

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