Thursday, September 26, 2013

Five Fall Favorites

Linking up with MoxieWife  and following .finelinenandpurple in what my 5 Fall Favorites are :)

 Pumpkin Spice Lattes as well as anything and everything pumpkin flavored! Every fall I go out on a pumpkin spice binge! It does help that I live very close to the Libby pumpkin plant :).

Morton Pumpkin Festival! Near and dear to mine and Sebastian's heart, and well as an excellent source to stock up on everything pumpkin :). Plus all the other festivals that fall has to offer!

Comfy long skirts and hoodies! 
I wear skirts/dresses 99.9% of my life. The few exceptions are horrendous barnwork where a skirt is just unsafe, horseback riding, and sometimes bed! On warmer days I like cotton flowy pretty skirts, and on colder winter days I prefer a heavier material and jean skirts. The fall and spring is that perfect transition period of warm and cold weather and these maxi skirts are just SO incredibly comfy! And who doesn't love hoodies :)

I maybe crazy. I maybe acting like a two year old. However, I know I am not the only one. One thing I have to say I love about my college is it really is beautiful. The old buildings which are on the historical registry, and the colorful trees. When the leaves start falling you betcha you will find us stomping on those leaves :). Especially before finals when we are stressed beyond belief!

This maybe cheating, but my last favorite thing is all the fun activities that you get to do. Apple picking, bonfires, pumpkin carving, homecoming at my school, perfect horseback riding weather, etc!

Happy Fall :)

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