Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Musings

Right Now: 4:27 pm. Just finished up my homework and I am about to start studying for Mid Terms. I have two of them tomorrow. Mid Terms during homecoming week? Come on, who does that, haha! Reno the cat just jumped up on my lap, thus, making it even more difficult to study and type this wonderful blog spot :). Sebastian should be getting off work shortly. The animals are fed. All seems calm :). The windows are way open as the weather is beautiful outside. Probably one of the last times I will have all my windows open for the season!

This Weekend: Man on man are weekend always a blur. I feel as if I plan so much stuff thinking, what else could I possibly be doing with my time off. I am usually disappointed that I didn't get my to-do listed all completed come Monday morning.
           Friday - My mom was over this Friday and we got to talk and we watched a movie together. I was all sorts of worn out from the week and after a little bit of  reading other peoples blogs, studying I called it a night, at 10 pm!
        Saturday - I worked in the morning and then Sebastian and I went to go see our school play. Sebastian has to seem them because he is in a class that requires him to go to all the performances. I like to tag along because, well heck, nothing beats a $5 play date :). I was very surprised on how much I enjoyed this play! Our school plays I would say are decent, but lack the funding that could make them a ton better. This time oh no. The talent was amazing. We both literally laughed I would say 85% of the time. The play was called " The Complete Works of Shakespeare" which as the titled suggests , in an hour and a half showcases all of Shakespeare work. It was a modern twist , I loved it!
          Sunday - Since we have started going to a new church during the evening I have been able to sleep in on Sundays a little, get homework done and usually enjoy a delicious breakfast which is a nice change from the 6 am running around like crazy trying to make it to church on time. Breakfast featured Apple Filled Pancakes that were recommended by a fellow blogger, and I will make a Tasty Tuesday post on them soon!

Some plans for the week: Midterms, Midterms Midterms. ahdfsdkjh. Other than the aforementioned horror of Mid Terms I will be going Sebastian to RCIA once again this week. Thursday we may have a cookout with a friend. The weekend is still up in the air as we were supposed to go camping but there is talk of rain :(. We might head down to Arthur, Illinois and enjoy a nice Saturday of Amish filled goodies :)? Oh! All week is homecoming week! Since I am have transferred over to the dark side of being a commuter, dun dun dunnnn I feel so out of the loop, but I will probably still go to some of the festivities!

I am grateful for: Awesome professors who take the time out of their day to help me out. Professors who agree on a group quiz, sensing that me, myself and I someone is not comfortable with the material. Starbucks for creating the goodness that is called a pumpkin delicious scone. The internet where I found the recipe for that delicious scone so that I could reproduce it without having to drive (25miles) to the nearest Starbucks to fulfill my desire. For my school for giving us a day off of Friday, thus making it possible for me to bake my delicious scones ( sensing a pattern here?:] )

Prayer intentions: Once again, Mid Terms Mid Terms. Oh if you are so gracious to take a moment of your day to send up a prayer for me to not just PASS my midterms but to not have a anxiety attack before hand. Two of my hardest ones are tomorrow. I feel like I am running around without a head. For my parents who are working so hard to be able to support all of their children in every way possible. For my dads hurting heart as the 19th anniversary of my older brothers death was yesterday. For my older brothers soul. For all of the unborn children, for their parents to chose life. For all of those participating in 40 Days For Life.

Something that makes me smile:
We got these shirts when we were in Wisconsin this past summer, on a absolute whim. Ha ha. I love that he doesn't mind being silly with me, and will proudly wear this ridiculous shirt :)

Remember that you are beautiful and loved!
God Bless.

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