Thursday, September 19, 2013


Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults 

So those who have read my " How We Met" post know by now that Sebastian is Catholic, and that was always a very important feature for me for a feature spouse. What some of you may or may not know is that he is not confirmed! When I found this out I was pretty much in shock and not sure how to take this.

Sebastian decided to not get confirmed at the "normal age" as most young Catholics do as he felt he was not ready. I admire  this in him because I felt the same way! I felt like I wanted to go to CCD for one more year, really dive into the Bible, ask those hard to answer questions, and really make this a serious commitment. Unfortunately  my parents did not agree and "highly encouraged" me to not cause shame on the family and get confirmed that year, my CCD teachers agreed with my parents. I was not a very happy camper.
Now looking back I am glad that I did it that year but... for reasons you may not expect.

"Forcing" me into confirmation made me highly dislike the church, which lead to me tearing away with a " I'm never coming back" which actually let me to do my own research, join a Newman Center in college and FINALLY get all of those questions answered. 

Ladies, it was bad. I wasn't prepared for confirmation at that time at all. I would say 75% of my class at the time couldn't name  more than 5 saints, didn't know what the Catechism was, never opened a bible after communion ( including class!), didn't pass their test , thought that we DO worship Mary and the Saints, and probably a hundred of other things that I could think of. I was definitely one of them, and I WANTED to know. I didn't find out in COLLEGE that the Mass has two parts, that the Eucharist is the actual Blood and Body of Jesus Christ!

I could blame my parents, but coming from a communistic country where 1) Catholicism was banned and 2) if you happened to find a Mass and go, it was in Latin, no one understood what was said at Church. So I can only praise them for continuing their Catholic faith and passing it on to me.

I could blame the school, but they had a lot of students, and I was just another number. Lack of resources, lack of funds, they wanted us to just get confirmed without causing problems.

Instead, I give no blame but count it as a learning experience.  I learned on my own time and now... I get to "re do" it with Sebastian!

Sebastian was fortunate to get that option of being confirmed or not. He decided not to and, he went  through a rough patch of whether he wanted to stay in the Church, which he decided he couldn't live without it! It has taken him way to long, but he made it a priority that before we are married he must be confirmed!

Living in the middle of nowhere kind of sucks sometimes  But we FOUND A CHURCH THAT WE LOVE!!!!! It is a little bigger than what we expected but that just means more resources etc.!  It is also 45 minutes away, but hey talking time in the car ;) ?

Their RCIA program meets on Tuesday evenings, and guess what... I am encouraged to come. Which means I get to learn and relearn more awesome church teachings. You know what else? I am praying that we find some couples/individuals that we can get together with! 

I am excited:)
Maybe this church even has bible studies that I could participate in or something similar? :)

God bless :)


  1. Glad you found a good church. My husband didn't get confirmed until he was 21 (he was raised Catholic, his family left the church when he was a teen) and didn't come back until he was 21. Good for your fiance for waiting until he was ready. That's great you can go to classes too.

  2. Ahh that is great! It is good to hear we are not the only ones!

    I actually have a church a lot closer to me 15 minutes vs 45 minutes. That is where we started going at first and for a while it was pretty decent. A few months in, a new priest out of the blue took over, and Mass has become 25 minutes long. Maybe some like the "convenience"(!?) of a 25 minute Mass. However, We couldn't take it anymore :( I couldn't keep up with the prayers, understand the Homily. After a few weeks we knew we needed to go somewhere else.

    I hope you are connecting well to your area and starting to bond with some awesome friends :)!