Thursday, September 12, 2013

Senior Year

As a continuation of my catching up series, another new trickle of fun in my life is SCHOOL! As mentioned in many posts before I was terrified of beginning my senior year. No, it was not because "I was soooo sad to leave", in fact I had no motivation to go back. I was scared I was not going to graduate on time. I was fearing my class load was way over loaded. I was cringing at the fact that I might have to go back next year, and take a week off to you know, get married.  Although I do not want to pursue a Masters degree straight after my bachelors it may be something I decide in the future. Not graduating would mean I would be a wife, a student, and career seeker. There is nothing wrong with that, minus the fact that I just really want school to be done. I begged all of you for prayers, and did some serious praying myself.

And waited...
And cried...
and prayed...
And cried on Sebastian shoulder some more

Until I had the brilliant idea of going and talking to my schools registrar who handles all the schedules.
She was my beacon of light as she rearranged my  Fall semester, and Spring semester so that I could walk in the May ceremony and all I would have to do is suffer through one more summer class and be done! It literally felt as if a HUGE, 1000 pound weight was lifted off of my shoulders and thrown into the garbage!

The truth is, I still have a challenging semester this fall which is starting to show its wrath more and more each day. I have decided to only work weekend. Most of the important wedding stuff is done and the rest can be put off till Christmas Break etc. I am actually, fully, for the first time in 5 years (?) completely focus on school. Guess what? I am pulling some awesome grades ( wish I would have focused like this on school a little earlier). So while the rest of my senior class is falling into "senioritis", I am bulldozing my way to make sure I am going to graduate. I feel at peace with this ( minus the moments I want to rip my hair out), and I am motivated, God willing, that I will succeed.

For those who are interested my schedule this fall is....


Asian Religions (gen ed)
Accounting II (Business Administration major)
Policing and Investigations ( Criminal Justice major requirement)
Microeconomics (Business Administration major)

Tuesday /Thursday

Sociology (gen ed as well as  Criminal Justice major requirement)
Criminal Procedure (Criminal Justice major requirement)
Minority Peoples (Criminal Justice major requirement)

I am unsure if I ever mentioned what my "hopes" after graduate are, although it is a post in itself the "plan" so far is...
*Get married
* Start looking for work ( probation with juveniles would be ideal, or you know... anything that pays..)

* Sebastian has already started looking for a job, which will be a lot harder for him and *GULP* he has already been looking out of state... which is another post on itself as well...

Basically he has a one up because it will be harder for him to find a job ( police work) and since probation officers are needed... everywhere, I will follow him and pray I find something there.

I pray and hope I am happy with my future career, but in my heart I feel the call to be a mother and a wife. I hope we will have the resources and ability to make it possible for me to stay home if God has plans for us to have children, as I think that would be the most fulfilling "career" I could ever undertake.


In a nutshell, I am happy where I am with school right now. I cannot wait for it to be over with. I cannot wait for my wedding day. I humbly ask you all to please continue praying for Sebastian and I as we embark this home stretch of our academic lives (for now) and that we may get through it with minimal psychological damage, haha :)

 Know that you are beautiful and loved!


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