Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Update Train Continues! Eats!

For the last part of the summer Sebastian and I decided to turn around some of our horrible eating habits that we have acquired by being cheap/poor/lazy/never having enough time college students.

At our school, if you live on campus (which did for my first two years) you are required to be on a  meal plan provided by the school. Basically our options were
-Sand which bar
-Salad bar
-Burger/fried food bar
-Pizza bar
- "leftover" over bar

Although I am fortunate and very happy that I was able to eat unlike many starving people of this world, I did have some greivances. For the money that my generous parents spent (about $5,000 a semester) on the meal plan I could have been buying much healthier, organic/natural foods myself!

Keep in mind we are only in school for 9 months out of the year, if you had to skip dinner because of a job/meeting/class etc, oh well! There goes your non refundable meal. Some days (Sundays) you only had 2 meals. Now, I certainly did not go hungry( my growing waistline during those years will testify to that), but being a cheap thrifty person that I am, I could not justify spending that much money on food that was mediocre, that half the time I could not eat ( work/class/church), not to mention buying additional snacks and what not to supplement those nights where I stayed up hanging out with my girl friends, studying ;).

Needless to say, the freshmen 15 was the freshmen 30 , even though I was even actively involved in swimming ( and a million other activities), so it just didn't make sense.
My junior year I moved out of the dorms( best. decision. ever.) and I was on my own!
On my own.... meaning having to relearn/remember what my mom taught me about cooking! I was spoiled the last few years with "easy, from a box stuff".

Anyway, this past summer I decided to dive into cookbooks and rediscover my passion for cooking, hence I linked up with another blogger to do Tasty Tuesday ( I know, I know, give me a week to catch up!).

With my passion for cooking came research etc. I soon learned terms such as; Organic, USDA,Natural, GMO free, hormone,pesticide free, what gluten is, what chemicals are good and what to not touch with a ten foot pole, etc!

 Living on a farm has spoiled me rotten to enjoy fresh non hormone chicken, beef, and lamb. Fresh eggs every morning, a summer garden full of goodies canned into the winter months. Trees with so much fruit sharing is a must. But what about those winter months where you run out of canned, or simply need to buy at the store? What about coffee? 

Sebastian and I did a ton of research both with our minds and our taste buds this summer, with information from local farmers, starting to read ingrediants, watching documentaries( our guilty pleasure) and overall diving into the food scene. What we found was incredible and it would take me forever to explain in this already long post, so i'll save it for another time. Basically we came together and make a list (list making; another hobby of ours)

What do we want to accomplish from changing our diet?
- Feel better, more energized, and loseing a few pounds here and there wouldn't hurt.
- Make sure the food we are consuimng whether it is home grown or bought is used fully (no throwing food out!) scraps are recycled by giving them to the chickens!
-Make sure that the food that we consume come from reliable sources where no one has been hurt by the process( no child labor, horrible pesticides that infect water, fair trade and local buying all the way!)

How do we plan on changing?
- Start looking at labels, get familiar with brands that fit our criteria
-Take advantage of the fact that we live in teh country with the ability to grow our own food, and share it with those who cannot
-Farmers markets!
-Seasonal food!
-Keep on educating ourselves and sharing what we know
-Realize that we are not perfect and this is a lifestyle change not a overnight miracle.

Now hop over to The Catholic Lady to read her post about "Eating Healthy in an Unhealthy World"

God Bless :)

P.S. It's Sebastian's first night of RCIA! We are both excited and nervous, pray for us that all goes well :)?

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