Wednesday, October 23, 2013

5 Favorites!

This week for my  Five Favorites I decided to focus on documentaries! I have a little bit of a sick obsession with them , but I justify it by saying it is educational? They are not limited to any particular category! Here are my Five Favorite documentaries :). Head over to Hallie's page for more favorites!


                    Children Underground can be found on Netflix. It follows a group of children/teenagers in Romania that are stuck living on the streets. Many of them are addicted to drugs, especially paint which is obviously cheap and legal.Many of the girls in this documentary pretend to be boys so that they do not get beaten or raped. The children form gangs in order to survive. Another interesting fac tis many of them choose to live on the street because it is better than being at home as some of their families ar very poor or abusive. My heart ached for these children throughout this documentary and not all of them had happy endings. It is in Romanian, but there are subtitles, which works for me because it is very hard for me to watch anything that doesn't have subtitles.


              Nursery University can also be found on Netflix. This documentary is a polar opposite of the one above. It follows five families living in New York city of different economic backgrounds. Each family is trying very hard to get their child into "the best nursery possible". This may sound crazy but the though process is that if their child gets into a prestige nursery they will get into a prestige kindergarten which amounts to a prestige elementary school, a prestige high school and eventually a Ivy League college.

                The child's future depends on getting into these schools. If you are accepted into the nursery your future is set in stone. It shows us the difficulties that the parents have to go through, and how they prepare their children;language classes, extra circulars etc. Not to mention the astronomical amounts they have to pay to try to get in as well as the tuition rates. It also shows the side of the recruiters and the school teachers. Very interesting and at some points disturbing.


             The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan was a hard documentary to watch. I am very involved in a few groups that promote awareness of child sex and labor trafficking and this was another documentary with a agenda that many don't see. A old practice in Afghanistan is for boys to be taught how to dance, very feminine like, as they often wear feminine clothing. They are "pimped" out by their masters. Often these boys are bought from families that are poor, the families often think that their child is doing other work(farm help,store help etc.), not dancing for men. Often they are raped as well. Although this practice has been outlawed there are still many men that participate in it. I can only relate it to what someone might consider a Geisha. Often these boys grow up in this lifestyle and then they become the pimps themselves.

 This was a very well put together documentary and the maker went through a lot of trouble following this one boy. Security reasons made him quit filming and he had to flee the country in fear of his life which really shows you how good we have it here in the United States. This documentary ended on a happy note as the director of the film was so upset about what was happening to the boy that he risked his own life, called up a child agency and got him out of that situation


Monica and David is a documentary that follows this young, autistic couple. It shows their engagement, their marriage and their first year together as newly weds. It was a very touching story and warmed my heart as this couple dealt and overcame with ordinary newlywed problems. They truly care for each other and look out for each other. I almost burst into tears when Monica was holding a baby and saying how she wants one. She didn't understand the concept that she couldn't bare a child. Because of their difficulties Monica's parents built a home that was separated into two levels, one for the parents and one for the newly weds. This gave the newly their space yet the parents were close enough just in case.Beautiful story about about pure hearts!

A look inside our food industry. I watched this this summer with Sebastian and we were utterly grossed out by some of the things. It goes inside Tyson chickens and how they are treated. It makes me count my blessings that I am able to have my own fresh grown food. For those that are not able to , watch this documentary it really will make you realize that it is okay to spend a bit more especially when it comes to meat. Very very good documentary!

So those are some of my top ones! What are yours? I am always for something new to watch. Subject does not matter:)
Remember all of you are beautiful and loved!

God Bless

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