Friday, October 4, 2013

7 Quick Take Friday!

Thanks to my wonderful facebook friends my feed is often filled with interesting articles, videos and so on. Lately there have been more and more of these interesting links so I thought why not share them with my blogger friends. I love news stories/articles that focus on the good! Without further a due, here are my Internet Quick Takes!

        This is a article about Utah high-school where a Football Coach suspended all of his team members due to cyber bullying. This really touched my heart as I was a victim of cyber-bullying in middle school. Unfortunately, these cases have just been getting worse and it breaks my heart. It is great to see a coach do this as I have seen many sport teams especially football players get leniceny often. I remember in hihschool teachers would give students alternate assignemts for those who were in sports, to insure that they made a certain grade so that they could play. It is great for a COACH to take responsibility for this team.

This ia a breastfeeding article entitled  "A Dads Opinion on Breastfeeding". It  was great to see it from the other spectrum. Although I am not a mother yet, when I am, I hope to breastfeed,God willing. I always thought of breastfeeding as a natural, bonding experience, and didn't really know there was much more than that. What made me self conscious is seeing all the articles, that "your body changes after you do so, your husband won't look at you the same way etc.". This article really brought a smile to my face!

Okay, this video isn't for the faint of heart.  Maybe my fiance and I have a sick sense of humor ( who am I kidding, I know we do) but we were laughing our butts off at this commercial.When I first saw/heard it I wasn't paying attention till a certain words caught me off guard. This is a real product by the way!

 I love!


This proposal was very, very well planned out and I thought it was very cute! It would have been a little too much for me but  nonetheless I think any guy who can go out of his way to get family and friends together to propose is awesome!


I got this link from the lovely Christine . It is a link to a survey about the 5 love languages. It is a great quiz for everyone! Find out your love language!

Okay this isn't technically anything to do with my post. BUT! Today is the Feast day of St. Francis of Assisi
and he is one of my favorite Saints! He is the patron saint of animals, and being a animal lover, and living on a farm I think that works perfectly:). I also discerned with  The Sisters of the Third Order of Sr. Francis 
and that experience will hold a special place in my heart! 
Remember, you are beautiful and loved!
God Bless!

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