Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Amish Country

            I may or may not have mentioned this before. I have a slight obsession with the Amish. Out of any romance novel out there I always opt for the slow romantic courting of the Amish. Amish recipes? They are my first go to as I know they will not be using any " out of the box" products, etc. I love their modesty, I love their family values etc. of course nothing is perfect and I don't agree with their faith and I cringe at what shunning may entail. Nonetheless I always get excited when Sebastian and I take a trip to a community! I am grateful that I have a future husband that realizes my fascination with this culture.

               Anyway! This past weekend we went down to Arthur, IL which is a quaint two hour drive away from where we live.  We were able to roam around the little shops. Sebastian stocked up on mustard while I on material for a dress that I am sewing. We were blessed that this time we were able to have a noon meal with an Amish family. The meal was delicious and for very exciting as I was able to ask some of the deeper questions I had regarding their culture and faith. Sebastian says he enjoyed it too, but who could not when we were offered two pies; Coconut Creme and Apple ;). I don't have any pictures from Arthur as I wanted to respect them as they do not wish to be photographed.

               Afterwards we were able to go to a nearby pumpkin patch where we had a blast! Here I was able to take an array of pictures on this gloomy Saturday!

They were fuzzy chickens!

Nice decoration idea!

More decorations!
Old baler!
We didn't even plan on matching :)

So clever!

 Another wonderful thing was that this weekend my brother and my two nephews. These boys are growing up before my eyes, its crazy!

Here is me with my brother and two nephews! My brother is tall man in the green sweatshirt. Don't mind my crazy hair here. Christian and Matthew are on the ends :)
Mr. Sebastian with Chief :)

We brought him to the front yard to graze!

I missed him!


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