Thursday, October 24, 2013

Here kitty kitty kitty

As many of you know months ago I rescued a kitten! His mamma rejected him and he was walking around the barn hungry and cold.I decided to take him in, keep him warm, feed him and see what happens. Well, did I get a dose of reality! He was hungry every few hours, I needed to help him go to the bathroom, and all he would do is sleep! He was so tiny and so well behaved :)

Remember this little guy?
Now he has become a beast! He is pouncing all of the place, being playful, runs around like a lunatic. I had to create boundaries and restrict him to a few rooms as he was on everything and spilling things! Being gone for hours at a time due to school I was nervous to let him wander around the house. He can be such a sweetheart though. He cuddles in with me at night and in the morning he wakes me up when my alarm goes off by kissing my nose and purring into my neck. I love him :)

Here he is now:)

Here we are :)

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