Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Scrumptious Blog Award

Oh am I excited for this! The beauitful Amelia tagged me in this super fun question game!
Here are her questions.
1.  Are you introverted or extroverted?
 I am definitely a introvert! Don't get me wrong I LOVE to go out with friends, family and the life. I want to work with juvenile delinquents in the future. I love my current job mostly because I love to meet new people and chit chat with them for a little bit. However, in all honesty I love those nights at home where I have nothing on plate, and I can just relax, or organize etc. Although I loved living at the dorms in college I was constantly stressed out because there was human interaction 24/7, very rarely did I have the room completely to myself. So, if you don't hear from me for a while, no worries I am probably just recovering from the holidays, or something of the sort :)!
2. When did you start blogging and why?
I started blogging a few years a go on and off. This past summer I found Christine!
and I found a whole new world of bloggers, and more exciting Catholic bloggers. That whole being a introvert? Ya, this helped a lot. I am able to connect with women of a similar mindset, without necessarily going out every night :). After reading her blog I found a few more bloggers and it seems that every week I am following a new person or so! I finally decided to create my own blog as I wanted to comment on posts as well as open myself up to this wonderful community!

3. What is your greatest strength in your parenting?  Or, if you don't have kids yet, what is your greatest strength in your other significant relationships.
Hmm. I think my greatest strength is that I really like to go all out and make sure the other person feels special and appreciated, especially on special events such as birthdays and holidays. However, I really like to surprise others as well with little notes, or presents on no occasions as well. I want to make sure people know that no matter the hour I am willing to listen and that I am there for them. I know it brightens my day when someone does something unexpected!

4. What is your biggest weakness in parenting?  Or, if you don't have kids yet, what is your greatest weakness in your other significant relationships.
Although I am okay if plans don't go as planned and I do not get angry with other people if they are late/can't come through. I get unnecessarily angry when plans do not work out because of me. I hate being late and I hate messing plans up for others. When I do so I get into a horrible mood and tend to give up hope. I know I have to work on this, especially if God grants me with children in the future!
5. If you had to choose a "last meal", what would you choose?
Oh.This is easy.  Friend pork chops. Mashed potatoes with chives and gravy. Coleslaw from KFC. Cranberry juice or wine. Beet Salad. Pumpkin Pie. Heyyy, it's my last meal ;) I can be greedy!
6.  Do you have any pets?
Ha ha ha ha ha. Yes. I live on a farm, and I know all the animals are not "pets", but they kind of are to me so there. I have a horse named chief, a cat named Reno, two dogs named Rita and Kora. I also have chickens, 7 cows/bulls, random barn cats, ducks and geese :).

7.  Do you consider yourself to be "crunchy/granola"?  How?
In a way yes! I love everything and all that is natural, organize good for you. I am okay with spending a little more for a product that I KNOW is better for me and for the environment. I kind of addressed this question in this post. When and if  God blesses me with children I pray for the ability to breastfeed and use cloth diapers. I never though about any of this until I read "No Impact Man" for class alongside Sebastian. It is a great read, an experiment done by a family living in New York that decides to live impact free for a whole year. A real eye opener. Get yourself a copy or ask me to send you mine!

8.  Are you living where you want to live? (ie. Would you rather be living someplace else right now?)
Yes and no? I love living on our farm right now. LOVE IT. I have NO IDEA where I will be living come graduation, as I will follow Sebastian wherever his work takes him. That may stil be on the farm or that may be *gasp* in another state! I forever see myself as a country gal having a few chickens, and a horse. However, being in the middle of nowhere really puts wear and tear on our cars. 
I despise the fact that if I want to go somewhere I really have to plan ahead and plan my day around it. To put it into perspective, it is about 45 minutes to the nearest big box store; Wal-mart. If you want to get all fancy and go to a mall? One hour, one way. This means church is an hour away as well. Which means it is not possible to be involved in many activities such a rosary group, young couples group etc. Thank goodness I am a introvert? Regardless, if I were able to pick anywhere I would pick up my farm and move it a little closer to everything :).

9. How would you describe your fashion style?  What types of clothes do you typically wear?
Oh man. I by no means buy the latest fashion magazines and reflect my style off of that. I like to wear "trendy" clothing, but most important to me is 1) modesty and femininity 2)what looks good on ME. Sometimes the latest things just do not look good on me. I wear skirts daily and usually pair that up with anythign from a simple tshirt for around the house/lazy days to a cardigan/nicer shirt. I am beginning to spend more money on clothes and opt to buy higher quality. I also do 70% of my shopping at thrift stores.

What I don't wear even though it is in style, trendy etc.

More of my style :)!

10. What is your favorite season and why?
 I actually did a whole post on this question right here  :) . However, it is fall! Perfect temperature. I love everything and anything pumpkin. I love the colors. Usually a time for me to get organized once again, not have the heat or air on. Just lovely :)!
Thank you so much Amelia for tagging me! I had a blast :)

Here are the rules for the SCRUMPTIOUS BLOG AWARD:
1. Once you are awarded, post about it on your blog and link back to the person who awarded you.

2. Answer all of the questions on the tag.

3. Do not award anyone who has more than 100 followers.

4. Come up with 10 new questions.

5. Tag 5 to 10 people.
I am tagging...
Kim aka my mother in law at,  The Stitching Chemist
Suzanne at, Just Another Girl
Colette at, The Catholic Lady

Sarah at, Totus 2 us Maria
Feel free to play along beautiful ladies! If not, no worries :)
Your questions are....
1. What brought you to the blogging world?
2. When you are an hour to yourself how do you spend it?
3. What is usually your first thought when you wake up?
4. . If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
5. If you could restart your educational career and could pursue anything money is not a factor what would you do?
 6. Biggest pet peeve?
7. Favorite childhood memory?
8.If you could spend the whole day just doing one thing what would it be? Assuming money wasn't a factor etc.
9. Do you have any magazine subscriptions? If not what would you subscribe to?
10. What is something you wish you could do for a living but can't because 1) it isn't a career 2)there is no way you could support yourself. Ex; I wish I could read and review books for a living!

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  1. Its too late and I have to go to work tomorrow but I for sure will answer your tag questions. This should be fun!