Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tasty Tuesday!

It's back! :)  This past Sunday I decided that it would be a wonderful day to make pancakes! I found a great recipe by a fellow blogger Suzanne who shared the way she makes Apple Filled Pancakes. They are super easy, and absolutely delicious. Both my mom and Sebastian loved them! Here is how I made mine...

Step 1 - Find apples! I had these Golden Delicious ones that needed to be used up. I am sure any kind will do, it isokay if they are soft! I played around with different widths and decided a little thicker was perfect. So basically I sliced an apple up, cut out the core and boom! You have your first step done.

Step 2: Find any pancake waffle mix. Remember that you are not using as much pancake mix as you would for a regular pancake because the apple is your filling. I made the option for 5-6 pancakes and it fed all three of us! Make the mix according to the box.

Step 3: Dip the apples in the pancake mix. This is why I felt a  thicker cut was better because it didn't break for the heaviness of the waffle mix. Then again, it probably depends on the mix. Waffle mix seemed to be heavier than pancake? 

Step 4: Put them gently on a  heated buttered pan. Keep the heat at medium s you want them to cook slower so that the apple gets nice and warm:) I would say total cooking time for 1 pancake was about 7-10 minutes...ish

Step 5: Enjoy them! I didn't have any syrup to put on them so I topped ours with cinnamon sugar. Sebastian suggested that they may also be delicious with jam,jelly, pumpkin cream etc. We are not huge fans of eating really sweet things, we paired our pancakes with some salty ham and unsweetened coffee to go with! 

This is a perfect fall breakfast!  You can control the sweetness of these which is great! You are not eating as many calories/carbs because half of the pancake is apple :) which means you can have a few more ;). I do not have any children, but I think I will use this when I babysit next time. It is easy enough to have them help and not to much mess!

Remember that you are beautiful and loved!
God Bless.


Happy feast day of Saint Therese everyone!

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  1. I can envision them as a Monday night dinner. Wink! Wink!
    They look yummy!