Friday, February 28, 2014

The Big Purse Dump

Hello lovely ladies!

I am linking up with Kendra over at Catholic All Year for her purse dump! This is much needed as I am going to be volunteering at The Behold Conference this weekend, and lets just say, I have some weirdddd things that need to be cleaned out!

Anyway, here we go!

Here is the monster itself. I like to rotate purses with each season or so, but I think I will keep on using this one! It was given to me buy Sebastian on our trip in Mexico. Sad to say the zipper is broken... which gives me more space to put stuff in ? *facepalm*

Here are the contents shaken..violently shaken out....
The essentials. My wrislet that holds a variety of things. My Bible, My journal, My wallet, and my chapel veil. I actually normally do not have my journal or Bible in my purse, but the night before we were at worship with a local Newman Center and I just threw them in instead of lugging around my "Church bag". That is a whole other story....

In a side pocket I have... aspirin, Popeye's hot sauce, Vitamin C, and flower food. The things I accumulate perplex even me sometimes. If you ever need hot sauce, randomly, on a train, in the park, on a bus, or anywhere and I happen to be around... I am your girl.

I was surprised that I didn't have more pens! So I have 2 pens, a dry erase marker that came with a gift that I bought for someone and had to decorate said gift, and a tire pressure gauge. Most definitely that was thrown into my purse by Sebastian.
My two favorite lip stains. Seriously if you haven't tried these DO IT! They are a bit pricey, $9 for one, but I had a coupon and I do not regret it! Also, my favorite mascara the mini version. If you haven't signed up for ULTA deals, do it... This mascara costs about $40. I was emailed a coupon for a FREE one. 
My glasses that I never wear. My sunglasses that are on the verge of death they are so beaten up , and 2 pairs of earrings. My ears are very sensitive and about halfway through the day I tend to take off my earrings and, lo and behold they end up in my purse!
2 Victoria Secret coupons. I enjoy getting their free underwear. Enough said. A CD from my aunt in Poland. It is a odd pop/rock band orchestra band? I don't know how I feel about it yet..
A old napkin, two phone chargers, because you know, you never know ;-). A case for my ear buds... which are not in my purse.
On to the insides of the wrist-let... A bunch of reward cards, discount cards, a note from class. Random, random, random. Half the time I forget I have these things.

More randomness from the wrist let. More discount cards, an IPASS that doesn't even work anymore, Vaseline for my lips, gum, and a examination of conscience.
This is from another little cosmetic pouch in my purse. Feminine hygiene. I use SOFTCUPS now, but these bad boys are my back up. My student ID. Hair tie, body spray.

Now for the official categories....
  • It's my favorite thing in here:  Hmm. It is a tie between the free undies coupon. Seriously, is it sad that this is how I acquire new underwear? I do love my journal though!

  • Wow, I really have a lot of these: Well, I don't have a crazy amount of one thing, but I would say y reward cards. I am such a sucker for them especially when you get % off your purchase when you sign up.

  • I've been looking for those: My glasses! I really should wear them more!

  • Huh. THAT shouldn't be in there: Hot sauce packets. However, I think I will keep them in there... Sebastian love shot sauce, and they might come in handy? Gross.

Now go to Kendra's page to see more lovely ladies dumping their purses!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Musings

Linking up with Nadja for Monday Musings!

Right now: I am sitting in the computer lab of my night class. I wish I were taking a nap. YES! You heard that right, A NAP. Something I never do, because I cannot function after. However, I am feeling under the weather, wayyy under. I have 2 hours before my night class and I am seriously considering going to take a quick nap in my car...but I am afraid my nap would turn into "a sleep".

This weekend was: Intense! I saw a magician at my school with a friend on Friday. Saturday I worked most of the day and then had my Koinonia Reunion about an hour away. Ahh! It was beautiful and Adoration was SO so SO powerful. I will make a post soon about Koinonia. It is magnificent. Sunday, I worked, and had a some training to do before I officially can help out with CCD at my parish. It was also Children's Mass at our church and it was so exciting! I don't think I have been to one in years!Wonderful weekend full of blessings, but so tiring and went by way to fast! Also,  I have been trying to incorporate the liturgical season into my life one way or another.
I wanted a simple, but disticnt focal point for this Lenten season. So this weekend I decorated my dresser, which is the first thing I see when I wake up and when I leave the room. I hope this will encourage me to simplify for Lent and truly focus on our Savior.

Some plans for the week: Fight off this nonsense of a cold?Sinus infection? FLU?? Whatever this is, to needs to go away. NOW.

Other than fighting off diseases *eye roll*, I have a busy week! Class work is piling up, RCIA is still prominent in our lives. Random farm adventures are happening this week. And more excitingly... I have the Behold Conference this weekend! As mentioned before I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of it, and being able to help out is a blessing all on its own.  So pumped!

If I find some time to myself I would like to: Take a NAP! Weird. I also have a whole collection of books that are begging to be read :).

I am grateful for: So much! I am grateful for my job. I am grateful that I am able to go to school. I am grateful that I have a community of lovely women both in real life and through this blog. I am grateful for all the people that pushed me to go to Koinonia 2 years ago. I am grateful for those same people taking care of Sebastian this weekend. So much good. So much good.

Some prayer intentions for the week: I ask that all of you would pray for all of the retreants that went through Koinonia this past weekend, to continue there FIRE, TRUST and LOVE for our Catholic faith.
For all of those who have been away from the Catholic Church, to come back home.
For guidance for Sebastian and I  about a possible mission trip we might take this summer.
For all of those women who are pregnant, want to become pregnant or just found out they are and are unsure what they will do.

Something that makes me smile: If you follow the weather, you may have noticed that Illinois has been goign through some crazy weather. We legitmatly have 4 seasons in one day, or so it seems. After it being so cold, we had a breakthrough last week on Thursday. Sebastian and I went out to dinner and walked along the riverfront... COAT LESS ( maybe that is why I am sick....>:( ) Anyway,
we snapped a picture and I love it :-).

Oh and this.... hahahah :-)

A Weekend In Feminine Dress

Blessing to you all!

I hope all of you had a fantastic weekend, and making small Lenten preparations.
Just wanted to send you beautiful ladies to Colette at The Catholic Lady.  Her blog talks about all things beautiful and lady like. She does a weekly post show casing Catholic Ladies in feminene attire.

This past weekend I sent in a picture that was featured in her post...Right Here!

So go check her out, She is a beautiful mother, wife and Catholic Lady :-)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Continuation of New Beginings

Dear Readers,

I have struggled to write this post for sometime. As many of you have noticed, I have been away since last November. It took me months to even log back on and see how all of you were doing, but when  did so I had an urge, or may I say gentle push from God to write.

I won't go into the big details, as there is too much to tell, and I would like to focus on the future, rather than the past. Sebastian and I had a very rough few months, and our wedding is currently at a halt. At first I was angry, upset and very depressed about what happened between us. Now, a few months later I am blessed ( still working on completely seeing it this way) that what happened, happened.  We are still together, and working hard to not necessarily "rebuild" our relationship, nor change it, but rather grow individually, together, and through Christ. I cannot imagine spending my life with another man.

On that note, much has changed! I am now about a month into my last unofficial semester of college! I say that as I have to take one more summer course before I receive my beautiful wall decoration; diploma. Ladies, I am ready to be done.

The farm life is going okay but is super frustrating. We have had some hellacious winter weather here in Illinois and it has been hard! SO much snow and with the tractor not wanting to EVER start for me, it is very frustrating. The pipes just froze in the barn, so carrying water to the animals everyday is another burden, but I shall prevail! Thankfully, Sebastian comes over whenever he can and helps us with everything, and for that I am truly grateful!

On a lighter note, I am getting more and more involved with a church nearby! If you have been here for a while, you know that Mass was a toughy as we had a Church that was close to me, but disliked the way things went there. However, the Church that Sebastian s taking RCIA at is about an hour away, one way. That took a toll on our wallet.

Through a backwards way, I was encouraged to give the Church by me a second glance, and so I did, and it was much much better. A different priest, and Mass is longer than 25 minutes! I decided to get involved, as I have been wanting to for some time! I will be helping out with CCD, and Youth group. The young woman that runs this place is truly a blessing to me, and we laughed with how much we had in common and how many people we were mutually acquainted with.

Well that is the shortened catch up of the last few months :-). A few things I am looking forward to...
Sebastian is attending Koinania next weekend! Pray for him please! I had such an amazing experience, and I hope he does as well. For those who don't know, Koinania is like the college version of TEC. Weekend long retreat, with a lot of blessings packed in!

The weekend after, I have the pleasure of not only attending the Woman Behold Conference for the second year, but for the first time helping out with it! I am so excited!

A few months from now, Sebastian, God willing, be confirmed! I wrote a post a while back all about it. I attend classes with him, and they are pure bliss. So many people, from different walks of life coming together asking Fr. David , HARD questions, and just seeing these people grow in Christ warms my heart. PLUS, I get to learn a lot as well :-). Also, Sebastian and I have made it a habit to go to Adoration before class or, after class if someone takes to long shopping at Goodwill we are running short on time ;-). It has been great to get back to Adoration especially together.

Okay! I won't bore you any longer with my life :-). I hope to post more regularly, but forgive me if it is a bit out of whack. Somedays I feel as if I have all the time in the world, other days I am running around, much like many of you I imagine :-)

God Bless,