Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Musings

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Right now: I am sitting in the computer lab of my night class. I wish I were taking a nap. YES! You heard that right, A NAP. Something I never do, because I cannot function after. However, I am feeling under the weather, wayyy under. I have 2 hours before my night class and I am seriously considering going to take a quick nap in my car...but I am afraid my nap would turn into "a sleep".

This weekend was: Intense! I saw a magician at my school with a friend on Friday. Saturday I worked most of the day and then had my Koinonia Reunion about an hour away. Ahh! It was beautiful and Adoration was SO so SO powerful. I will make a post soon about Koinonia. It is magnificent. Sunday, I worked, and had a some training to do before I officially can help out with CCD at my parish. It was also Children's Mass at our church and it was so exciting! I don't think I have been to one in years!Wonderful weekend full of blessings, but so tiring and went by way to fast! Also,  I have been trying to incorporate the liturgical season into my life one way or another.
I wanted a simple, but disticnt focal point for this Lenten season. So this weekend I decorated my dresser, which is the first thing I see when I wake up and when I leave the room. I hope this will encourage me to simplify for Lent and truly focus on our Savior.

Some plans for the week: Fight off this nonsense of a cold?Sinus infection? FLU?? Whatever this is, to needs to go away. NOW.

Other than fighting off diseases *eye roll*, I have a busy week! Class work is piling up, RCIA is still prominent in our lives. Random farm adventures are happening this week. And more excitingly... I have the Behold Conference this weekend! As mentioned before I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of it, and being able to help out is a blessing all on its own.  So pumped!

If I find some time to myself I would like to: Take a NAP! Weird. I also have a whole collection of books that are begging to be read :).

I am grateful for: So much! I am grateful for my job. I am grateful that I am able to go to school. I am grateful that I have a community of lovely women both in real life and through this blog. I am grateful for all the people that pushed me to go to Koinonia 2 years ago. I am grateful for those same people taking care of Sebastian this weekend. So much good. So much good.

Some prayer intentions for the week: I ask that all of you would pray for all of the retreants that went through Koinonia this past weekend, to continue there FIRE, TRUST and LOVE for our Catholic faith.
For all of those who have been away from the Catholic Church, to come back home.
For guidance for Sebastian and I  about a possible mission trip we might take this summer.
For all of those women who are pregnant, want to become pregnant or just found out they are and are unsure what they will do.

Something that makes me smile: If you follow the weather, you may have noticed that Illinois has been goign through some crazy weather. We legitmatly have 4 seasons in one day, or so it seems. After it being so cold, we had a breakthrough last week on Thursday. Sebastian and I went out to dinner and walked along the riverfront... COAT LESS ( maybe that is why I am sick....>:( ) Anyway,
we snapped a picture and I love it :-).

Oh and this.... hahahah :-)

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