Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ash Wednesday

Hello my lovely ladies. Lent is officially here! I don't know about you all, but this is my favorite time of a year. What a great time to declutter our homes, mind, body and soul. With each sacrifice that we put forth let it be know that it is for Him. Many of us come from different walks of life, and have different situations at home. I hope that we all can come together for the next 40 days and truly grow deeper in Christ, able to spend time with our families and give ourselves completely as we await the Third day.

I have thought long and hard about how I would go about Lent. What I would do, and what I wouldn't. I share this with you not as a bragging right, but more of a way of accountability. This may not seem like a lot to many, but most of things things are a sacrifice for me, and hopefully and set up to continue/discontinue some habits.

 When it comes to edibles:
Simplify. Cut out the junk and extras. This one will be hard for me. I am a HUGE chip fan,and a dessert fan. This Lent, I sacrifice my desire for junk in my diet. I hope to reap the benefits of other good for you foods. Specifically, no chips, desserts, crackers. After Lent I hope to continue to have these foods eliminate from my diet, with the occasional treat of a dessert, and occasionally chips.

No caffeine. I have never been a huge coffee drinker, but lately my consumption has definitely increased. I don't enjoy black coffee, but rather douse it with creamer and some sugar. Sebastian and I often have coffee and desert dates. I am allowing myself tea, but if possible decaffeinated, with no sugar. I hope that after Lent, I can enjoy a coffee dessert once in a while but find other ways to energize myself.

No soda. This goes along with the two above in my opinion. Working at the gas station where we receive free soda has been a challenge. There are not many alternatives, only iced tea. Not even water is offered to employees, we have to but that. I also have a slight addiction to carbonated water. Once again the reason for this is to simplify. Result to water, homemade juice, and milk.

Spiritually speaking:

Lectio Devina:  I have started praying with scripture daily for over a week now, and I hope to continue to do so. I feel as if I have understood Gods word better, and it is great to take the 10-15 minutes a day during my morning and completely dive into the Bible. I hope to keep this up post Lent.

Adoration: I have mentioned my unfortunate living location which is far away from everything. However, since I have been all over lately, I think this will definitely be more possible to do and I hope do an hour or more of Adoration weekly. Once again I hope to continue this post Lent.

Daily Mass: I will make an attempt to go to Mass more than just on Sundays. There are great benefits, and I hope to do so, as least 2 more times a week. Many churches in my area are doing daily Mass for Lent in more times, so I pray this will be accomplished.

Rosary: I hope to pray the Rosary 3-5 weekly. Sebastian and I will be doing a weekly Rosary together. I hope to keep this up post Lent as well!

I am blessed that I do not have Cable, and just recently my computer broke on me. I think this will help me focus on my Lenten plans. Although I am completely buried with paperwork for graduation, applying for jobs, and classes themselves. I would like to take a moment a week to write a handwritten letter to someone I may not have spoke to in a long time, or maybe someone that would simply appreciate the unexpected.

God bless you ALL during this Lenten season!
I am praying for you all, please pray for me!

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