Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Answer me this!

Yes! Summer is here and I have GRADUATED! I will be writing a post on that soon, with hopefully many more posts to follow! My graduation celebration was the same weekend as Mothers Day and I was so blessed to spend both of those days with the woman who has given up everything, and as much as it pains me to say, has been right about pretty much everything… even when I thought I knew everything… Sorry mom!  So to all the lovely ladies out there that are spiritual mothers, grandmothers, mothers, soon to be moms, and wanting to be moms; HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. I do not know how you ladies do it, seriously.

I love these link ups with Kendra and I am praying for her safe travels as she is exploring Europe, at this very moment. Well actually probably not as it is around 2 am there right now, but you know what I mean! Her questions this week are;

What’s for dinner?
I am about to sound like a lazy bum. Normally, Sebastian is over for dinner, and that is where I like to try out something new, or prepare a dish that he loves. I truly put my heart into cooking and have a passion to cook for others. Today marked the start of a very stressful month ( please keep us in your prayers), he will be working around the clock, and I probably won’t really see him until June! SO dinner today… green beans and homemade popcorn. I just don’t know. Plus the whether here is all sorts of weird and I am just not feeling it!

What's the last thing you borrowed from someone?
I seem to borrow… or take a ton of things from my mom’s closet ( no worries she knows, and does the same, haha ), so I am sure it was something of hers. However, since I can’t remember, the last thing I remember borrowing is YOUCAT from Sebastian’s RCIA. At first I felt a little silly reading “a children’s version of the Catechism”. As soon as I dived in though, holy moly! It is great! I recommend it to children and adults. Seriously.

3. What is your favorite prayer?
 I feel that the answer to this question depends on the situation? I love the St. Michael prayer when we say it in Church at every Mass. Is this just my diocese that requires this? When it comes to a focused sit down prayer I love the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. The meaning, the truth and the fact that I am Polish may or may not factor in ;-).  When I am just working out or have a minute to pray I love The Angelus, this reminds me of our beautiful Catholic faith and my time with The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis during the time of my discernment.
Now, when I am about to take a final and I feel extremely anxious? All of the above plus some!

4. What is the oldest thing in your house?
This is hard for me to answer as I have honestly moved at least every year for the past 4 years, and every 2 years for the previous 10 after that. All this moving meant very little margin for things that didn’t belong. BUT, I do have some pretty old books, and a Bible my mother gave me that looks old… if that counts? I do like antique, old wood furniture. I have to yet to acquire any.

5. What's the best concert you ever attended?
My orchestra concerts? Ha ha, I was never a big concert goer to be honest. It just never happened. I have been to a few pretty awesome church concerts of up and coming artists!

6. Do you have a nickname?
I answer this with a tinge of hatred. Do I have a nickname? No, I have MANY. Not that I decided that.
Lets take a look… My name is Joanna ( no middle name ) Glabinski, and these are my nicknames, or all the ways people have called me…
JoannE ( ugh this is a childhood nightmare, no souvenir shops had JoannA but rather JoannE)
Jo ( my professor randomly started calling me this…)
Joey ( my brother calls me this and THIS is okay. Only him though)
Asia ( my name in Polish)
Mojo jojo ( yes from the cartoon)
Jo jo ( :- ()

So yes, I do have nicknames, and I do not particular like them. That is all.

There ya go! Now head over to Catholic All Year for more Answer Me This!

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