Friday, August 22, 2014

7 Quick Take: Modesty

Thank you for Jen at Conversion Diary for hosting 7 Quick Take Friday!

For my takes this week, I wanted to finally dive into my blogs purpose; modesty in all aspects of life. Here are my 7 takes on modesty.

Modesty In My Heart
I think all modesty is important but modesty in the heart is crucial and for me the foundation of all. Why are we doing the things that we are doing, what are my intentions? Am I being modest to grow closer to Christ, or am I using it to gain attention? All modest intentions must start within our hearts; a desire to be modest.

Modesty In My Head
How do I spend my time in my head when I am working, praying, or just being silent? Am I thinking impure thoughts? Am I focusing my thoughts on how to become a better servant for our Lord? Those times that someone makes us angry and we spew words of hatred in our head, why not pray for them, and take their cross ourselves.

Modesty In My Attire
This subject is important and usually the first thing tackled when referring to modesty. I believe it is VITAL for all to dress modest. I believe this is a combination of how much skin am I showing as well as what type of clothing am I wearing. Women, I urge you to discern about wearing a chapel veil once again. We are meant to be modest and feminine to the world but more importantly to Christ. It is  OK to be a woman and embrace your femininity, modestly of course!

Modesty in the Church
Other than modest attire, how we behave in God's house is crucial. Such a sacred place. How are we acting when we walk in? Are we talking to friends and disrupting others around focusing on our Savior? After Mass I think this is just as important! My fiancĂ© and I like to kneel after Mass and pray next to one another. Let us respect and rejoice that we just received Christ, but please can we do that outside the church doors in the welcoming area? 

Modesty in the house
This is where I have struggled immensely. IN my previous post I mentioned that I am downsizing my whole life! I have received and bought so much over the last few years. I would say more than half of those things are not being used, and therefore do not have a purpose. Does your home represent you, and what you want to be? A modesty home isn't a bare home it is a home that has a purpose.
Modesty In Tradition
How are we celebrating holidays? Is Christmas just about presents? Just about a tree? How about Easter, is it about a bunny? No! Our faith provides us with wonderful feast days, and holidays and traditions galore! We are to rejoice and celebrate! What is our focus though? Through these traditions and Christmas Cookie parties, what is our focus? 


Modesty Combined
I will be the first to say that I am a sinner, and I am not perfect. I want to be modest but fail daily! No one is perfect and we have to deal with the fact that we will fail! Modesty is about combining all of the above and more! These are simply my main points :-)


  1. I like all your different takes on modesty...very insightful. I think the points about modesty in the head and modesty in the heart are especially important.

  2. Thank you Amelia! I believe it is easier to be modest physically. You can donate or give away your belongings. You can buy and wear modest clothing. However, to have a "modest" mind will probably be a life long journey. Why bother with the physical aspect if the heart has different intentions.