Saturday, August 16, 2014

He Must Increase, I Must Decrease.

            Over the last few years, I have acquired many things. Things I don't necessarily have a use for, and things I simply bought because they were on sale. Over the years my wardrobe has transitioned from a high-schooler to a now college graduate. During those years I also have also fell in love with thirfting. In the beginning when I first started going to thrift stores I was so excited with the prices I bought ... a lot. I also have received many things. For example during my 4 years in college I acquired over 25 different t-shirts.
          With recent changes in my life, and a possible move in the near future I look at my bedroom astonished. My closet door barely closes. My drawers are packed to the brim and there are boxes and boxes of shoes. Before this summer I was okay with this, as I told myself I really didn't spend that much money acquiring these items, so I shouldn't feel bad. At the beginning of this summer however, I decided I really need to go through everything that I own and simplify.

      Although I have not finished yet ( yes... I know it is August) the results thus far have been nothing short of amazing and a true reflection of my materialistic self. Here is a list of just a few things that I have(had) and what I did with them.

  • 17 pairs of long jeans. Not only is this a problem in itself, the thought that should worry me the most is the fact that I haven't worn pants/jeans on a daily basis in almost two years. This means I have been buying/hoarding jeans for absolutely no good reason. I went through all of them and kept two. 

  • Over 60 bottles of hair and beauty products with over half of them not opened. I kept the few I knew I would use, and the rest, gave away. Sebastian and I are trying to be more natural so most of these products I won't even use, but that doesn't mean someone else won't.

  • Around 20 or so dresses, some which fit some not so much. This was a tough decision because I love dresses, but do I really need 20? No. The ones that fit and looked good stayed about 7, the rest... out.

  • Shoes. About 2 cartons full. I think shoes are important to have but I was still hoarding those that I wore to my 8th grade dance. Comfortable, classy shoes stayed. Gym shoes stayed. The rest, bye bye bye!

  • Random college items. I had a whole closet full of "college dorm items" that I didn't think would be beneficial to me but hopefully other students. Among the plethora of items were a laundry bag that I never used, shadow boxes, frames, plates etc.

The items that I decided to get rid of had two different piles. A sell pile and a donate pile. Items that I deemed in good condition I am trying to tell through a online garage sale and the rest is being shipped off to a local thrift store.

There is still a lot more to go through and simplifying on the outside of physical things is just as important as simplifying the mind and our wants. This is a life long work in progress!

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