Monday, August 25, 2014

Love My Jean Skirt; Review

As a part of modesty series  I will be reviewing a few stores/businesses that coincide with my need to dress modestly, and not look frumpy, or stuck in the "olden ages". First in this series will be a local business of Hannibal, Missouri where Theresa Drazba, a seamstress opened her own little shop.

I met Theresa through Facebook about four years ago when my journey towards modesty first began. I was looking for modest, trendy, skirts that I could wear to school and around campus. I found out that her talent was taking jeans and turning them into modest , fun, skirts!  After messaging her back and forth a few times I decided to take the plunge and send in all of my pairs of jeans to get them altered into skirts. Theresa was so kind and worked with me on pricing due to being a "poor college student".

                             Theresa was able to meet Mrs. Duggar at a convention this past year! I was so excited for her!
Just part of the large Drazba clan!

Can you believe these were at one point jeans? Look at the skill and quality!

Theresa is an amazing God fearing woman and has quality products. Turn around time for my skirts was about 3 weeks. This included me sending my jeans to her, her altering them into skirts, and her sending them back. Her pricing is all explained on her page. She usually has some pretty sweet deals going on so you may want to like her on Facebook at Love My Jean Skirt!

If you send in your own jeans she gives you a credit toward your purchase, a super awesome way to turn those jeans into a wonderful skirt! I still have the original skirts that she sent me. Unfortunately they do not fit me any longer so they will be soon donated to a Goodwill, hmmm maybe it is time to reorder :-). I was looking for a few pictures of myself in Theresa's skirts but unfortunately I could not find any! Check out her Facebook to see more  styles Love My Jean Skirt Facebook

Overall, if you are looking for a quality modest skirt, want to support a small business, I would highly recommend   checking out Theresa's website Love My Jean Skirt !In my book her business deserves a 5 stars out of 5, for professionalism, beauty, modesty, and her priority to the Lord

God Bless

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