Friday, September 19, 2014

7 Quick Takes; New Parish Edition

This week. for my 7 Quick Takes, I am featuring a parish I went to in Wisconsin. Seeing as Wisconsin will be my new home, and this parish happens to be about 10 minutes away from my apartment, I hope to join this beautiful parish! The first time I went there I gushed about it for weeks, I think Sebastian was a tiny bit tired of hearing about it, but I believe he felt the same way. Here are my top 7 reasons why I love this church, and what a great first impression it made on me. Thank you St. Mary's of Pine Bluff for being so wonderful!

1) The People
When I knew that we were going to be visiting the Wisconsin area, I went to a few of my Facebook groups and asked for recommendations about a Catholic church nearby. I was disappointed to find out that the Catholic population is not profoundly abundant, however, I learned a lesson of quality and not quality. The ladies from the Facebook site were so excited that I was going to visit, they sent me with tons of resources. Right from the get-go I felt welcomed. 

On the day that we went, I was welcomed immediately, and felt at home by seeing tons of women with a veil on their heads! I was very excited and felt Jesus's presence.

2) Gathering Area
When we first walked in, I was a little nervous and anxious to get inside. We walked past the gathering area and I was impressed to see that there were rosaries, different prayer material and extra chapel veils for those who wanted to utilize them. How awesome!

3) The priest/homily
I was told when I talked to the lovely ladies on Facebook that this parish was traditional and so was the priest. Man, I had no idea. It was beautiful!  Not only was the inside beautiful, but there was no center alter, and I believe it was as close as to a Latin mass that I could possibly get to but in English. The priest seemed as if  he loved his vocation, took it seriously and was very reverent. His homily; I listened to it with great open ears, and was taking it in like water on a hot day.

4) Sign of Peace
There is a lot of controversy about the sign of peace being out of place. This isn't the post where I will go into that, but I finally found a parish that has it perfected. No sign of peace was exchange with anyone other than the priest, in unison. Perfect.

This was probably my favorite part. Communion was done perfectly, and never have I seen it done like this. We lined up and knelt in front of the alter, receiving communion on tongue, knelt in front of our Lord, receiving only from the priest. I almost cried with JOY.

6)Latin and NO Mass.
It is wonderful that this parish offers both  a Latin Mass and a very traditional NO! Although we didn't make the Latin Mass ( I slept in!), they have many different hours for Mass, another great thing in case I have to work a Sunday!

7) Getting involved?
I am hoping to get involved in this parish. I will be contacting the priest through their website. Please pray for me about this! I will be new to the area so it would be wonderful to make friends!

Thanks for stopping by ! Now go to Conversion Diary for some more quick takes!

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