Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pork Fried Rice; A Recipe

  I have mentioned that I really enjoy to cook, and have promised a recipe. I will be honest, between working full time, church activities, and now a move to another state , my meals have been a mere need for sustenance versus a glorious adventure.

I wanted to share a favorite meal of mine and my fiancés that has been a hit. Not only is it easy, it can yield a lot for a large family or a week of left overs. This can be simple and a recipe to follow exactly or a way to clean our your fridge, I present, " pork ( or whatever you may want) fried rice!

So, main ingredients are as follows

 *Brown rice ( or white if you prefer, or couscous, whatever works) make it how it says on the box.

*Pork (prepared  however you want!) or as mentioned whatever meat you want, or none at all.

*Veggies (frozen or already cooked) ( I really like to put snap peas, broccoli, peas etc, but once again whatever you and your family prefer!)

*Soy sauce, I prefer the low sodium, but whatever floats your boat!

*Sesame seed oil

*A couple eggs

You may have noticed I didn't put the amount of each ingredient because I really do this  randomly every time. for 2 people and lots of left overs I make about 1 cup of rice (precooked), 4 small pork chops, and 3-4 cups veggies.

When you have your pork/whatever meat you are using prepared, and your rice cooked( this can be done ahead of time, or even better used from a meal from another day). I would pour 2 tablespoons of  sesame seed oil into the pan and put in the rice and the veggies and "fry it" aka ;  keep a constant stir on it.

Eventually  would add the pork to it, and a little bit of soy-sauce, a tiny bit more of sesame seed oil. When everything is ready,  I push all of this to the side, and in the same pan or in a separate pan slowly scramble eggs. I add this to the veggie/meat mix and voila!  Instant pork ( or whatever) fried rice!


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