Saturday, September 20, 2014

Review: Sew Free Clothing Company

This weeks review is for " Sew Free Clothing Company". I was guided to this Facebook page by a few other lovely women. Unlike the other stores that I have reviewed, Sew Free Company is a little different.

First I must mention that Laura, the creator of SFCC does not have any clothing readily available for sale, but rather her ministry is to provide those who cannot afford certain items.

On her Facebook site her story reads;

"I've always loved to sew but never had the inspiration until recently to really put my heart into it daily. Then I suffered through some incredible personal tragedy and battled grief for years, I still do everyday. I found that sewing was clarifying and relaxing and helped me smile again. Then I met an incredible group of Facebook friends who encouraged me to be beautiful inside and out through modesty, charity and serving others.

 I discovered that I could sew beautiful "new" clothes to match the joy I was rediscovering on the inside and I could do it for other people too!! I have found that I could take all my treasured clothes and make them more updated or more vintage, definitely more stylish, hopefully more modest and save so much money!! I could turn favorite old T-shirts into keepsake quilts (thanks to a dear college friend for that inspiration!) and I could even up-cycle my husbands old button down shirts and old ties and make button down dress shirts for my toddler and bow ties from his Dad's stuff for him.
Cute little girl dresses, "upcycled" from a t shirt and added fabric to the bottom!

Beautiful, homemade, and up-cycled!

 Dear husband needs some comfy P.J.'s but he's a XXXL. What to do? Pay full retail sometimes $50.00 or more...FORGET IT! Buy a $0.99 pattern on sale and get some comfy cotton Star Wars fabric and in a few hours I'm the greatest wife in the whole world for about $10.00. I have taken my little girl's barely used T-shirts that were just too short sewn a poodle skirt on it and have an instant original and one-of-a-kind precious dress! Then I started to devote time to designing and making chapel veils, First Communion veils, Mantillas and others for free for other women and girls in my church and I am so very, very blessed to say that I have been honored to be chosen by more women to do the same for them and their daughter(s). 
One of the many beautiful veils she as made

I had made my own babies Baptismal gowns and handkerchief bonnets and costumes for all kinds of occasions!! This passion is something I do for free for anyone who needs or wants a seamstress. I want to devote more time to doing for others and giving back what I have been given in love, kindness, charity and generosity. So get out there, go hit your local thrift store and find a really great dress and send it to me with that fantastic lace you got for a few bucks at the fabric store or you ripped off your Aunt Susie's vintage frock she had in the "give away" pile and lets see what we can create!!"

This woman of valor does not take a DIME for her time and efforts, and relies solely on the donations of others. This may be a monetary donation or a donation of clothing, as she enjoys "up-cycling". The photos above are example of what she can do!

For a long time I have wanted a covering  such as this one. I searched a great assortment of stores online and could not find one that I loved. I contacted SFCC, and without questioned she offered to make me a beautiful covering like this! I could not be more blessed!

As many women probably know, sewing takes time, patience and money. SFCC is run solely on donations. I urge you that if you feel the same way about this company ( amazing!),that you look through your closets and see if you can donate anything! I also encourage you to check out and share her go fund me page where you can make a monetary donation. Also, pray! Pray that she is able to continue her ministry and turn this into something great! I am giving her a 5 star out of 5 because of her efforts, her charitable ministry and my belief that her work that she sends me will be great.

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