Monday, September 1, 2014

The Skirt Outlet: Review

Next in our series is another modest skirt store!

The Skirt Outlet has a brick and mortar location as a online store. I first heard about i when the shop opened up in my college town. I was very excited. I mean come on, a whole store dedicated to modest skirts, less than a mile away? Sweet!

What a cute store front!

I absolutely love The Skirt Outlet. Although it is cramped inside, it is very clean, beautifully designed, and very cozy. The store is set up into a few different sections. One section is for little girls and babies. Another section is brand new modest skirts from many different brands in the $25-$60 range.

The last section is a consignment section where you are able to sell your skirts or buy used ones, the price range differs depending on the skirts but I have found some great skirts for under $7! Some of the consignment skirts are really brand new but have a few "errors" and are significantly marked down!

The store isn't open all hours of the week, so I would definitely give them a call before stopping in. The are only open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I would count this as their only con, as I usually happen to drive by the store on a day that they are closed! 

I love the fact that the store offers skirts in a variety of colors, ages and price ranges. You can count on quality, style and great customer service here. The ladies are always very willing to help and get a fitting room if necessary! The sizes vary but go up to plus size, so no worries for the ladies with some curves!

The story behind The Skirt Outlet

 "The Skirt Outlet was founded from a desire to provide affordable, classic and comfortable long skirts for women and girls, without hours of shopping disappointments. We are committed to providing a real alternative to today's extreme fashions and yesterday's out-dated look.

Founded in 2008, The Skirt Outlet started out as a retail brick-and-mortar store in Eureka, Illinois. As word spread about the store, The Skirt Outlet began getting calls from out of state, requesting skirts to be shipped to them. This website was thus founded to meet the needs of those who were unable to make it to our store. However, we still welcome all customers to come and visit our retail store in Eureka!"

I personally have about 10 skirts or so from The Skirt Outlet. Some are brand new, and some were off of their consignment rack. With all of them I have been pleasantly surprised with their durability.

For those not in the Eureka/Peoria area, and would like to see the ginormous selection that the Skirt Outlet offers, jump over to their website The Skirt Outlet  and if you happen to be in the area here is their address;
The Skirt Outlet
118 South Main Street

Eureka, Illinois 61530

Tuesday: 12-5 

Thursday & Friday: 10-5 
Saturday: 9-3

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