Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why I Veil; Part 3

In this weeks segment of " Why I Veil", I will be answering, from my point of view, frequently asked questions! I hope to do another question-post in the future, if you have any questions that you would like answered, please comment below or email me!

Why would a Catholic women wear a veil to Mass/Adoration/time of prayer?

Let me start out with a paragraph that perfectly explains my veiling.

"While it is absolutely clear to me that there is no canonical or moral obligation for 
women to wear a head-covering in Church, women are certainly free to do so as a matter 
of personal devotion. They should, however, see it as a sign of subordination to God, as 
that better suits the liturgical context. Those who wear a covering or veil, and those who 
don't, should not judge the motives of the other, but leave each woman free in a matter 
that is clearly not of obligation."

With that in mind, I wear a veil in the above mentioned places as a act of subordination to God, piety, and it honestly helps me focus on the subject or act in hand. These are just some of the reasons a women would choose to veil/cover herself.

Shouldn't I avoid drawing attention to myself?
Absolutely, Mass is about going to Jesus, open mind and heart. One should not draw attention to ones self,and some claim that veil can do that. Most people are "shocked" at first when someone is veiling,but over time it becomes the norm for them to see you like that, and it might just encourage them to ask you about your veil, once again I can't stress enough how important it is to veil your heart first, and then physically on your head. You don't have to spew out bible verses, but be confident in your decision to veil. I recommend this sermon about the veil.

I am scared that people will look at me funny, no one veils in my church how did you get over this?

I hate to break it to you, but there is no easy way. I remembered the first time I veiled, I was so nervous, no one else in my church veiled. As soon as I walked in I forgot about all that was around me. Yes, I received a few stares, but no one said anything! To this day it can be a little nerve wreaking especially if I go to the church near my house. This is a perfect example that my veil is my choice, and it is for the Lord, and no one else. The only people that ever tend to comment about my veil are children, and they listen with open ears and open heart to my simplified reasoning's.

I wore a veil once, and someone said something negative and I stopped veiling, any thoughts?
I am sorry that you had a negative experience, as I mentioned in Why I Veil; Part 1, my parents are not very supportive as it was a controversial topic pre-Vatican 2. People tend to have opinions on a lot of things, and anything done differently. I can't stress enough that you must know your reasons why you are veiling and stick to them! I have had priests happy with my actions, and I had a priest say that he thoughts I was " travelling back in time". For me, veiling in front of our Lord, covered in his presence is right for ME. I would never force anyone to veil, as I think you should be committed to it , and I would be displeased if someone asked me to stop veiling.

I will add this attachment Right here that talks about head coverings in church , and incorporates cannon law. A excellent resource.
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