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Five Favorites; An Organized Way To Pack

Five Favorites: Favorite ways to get organized

For those who know me, know that I have moved around A LOT. I have had many homes for the last 22 years of my existence. While some people dream of traveling the world, I dream about settling down. Even in college, where you would think my life would "settle" down for 4 years I went through 5 homes!

Homesickness is something that I could never relate too, nor did I or do I have attachment issues with homes, momentous etc. I do however, because of this have awesome organizational skills. In todays segment, I will share my Five Favorite ways to organize one self for a move.. to a new home, back to school, or in my case to a different state.

1. Start Early
I start packing as soon as I find out a move is in place, yes, in some cases a year early. In other cases it has been only a week in advanced. Life throws curve balls.  I have always been in school or working throughout my years of moves,  I just packed when I could. I found that if I did it little by little, I was more organized, and less stressed.

2. Gather Materials

Gather materials needed for packing so that when you have time and motivation to do so you have all of your supplies close by. I like to keep a variety of sturdy boxes in all different sizes on hand, newspaper for wrapping delicate objects, tape to tape boxes shut, and a wide permanent black marker or two. I would also advise to stay away from gathering large or un sturdy boxes. Trust me. I have learned the hard way.

3. Make a List/Label Everything

Lists and labeling are my forte, they simply make my life idiot proof. When you pack a box, label it with the room it is going in and then what is inside of it.
For example " KITCHEN: TALL GLASSES, DELICATE". This way when you are moving, and especially if you have help during your move, there is no stalling time of " what is in this box?"or people not being cautious with glassware etc.

4. Less Important Things First
Depending on your situation and how much time you have this may or may not apply. As a self proclaimed master of moving I like to start with things that are less important first. My packing usually goes like this...
- Books/movies
- Not seasonal clothing
- Kitchen/Pantry
- Shoes/Clothing
As mentioned this list varies for everyone. I usually have all of my clothing packed a week before and just leave a set of clothes for the week and a bag for laundry. I also designate a room or a space in a room for all my boxes, this way I can still keep the rest of my house/dorm/cubicle clean and have a growing space of packed items.

4. Throw Away/Donate Items

When I start going through packing I have three piles; A pile for things that can be packed now, a pile for things that I will need for the next X amount of time of living in  current location, and a pile for things that could be donated or thrown away. In coordination with my blog theme; modesty in all aspects of life, I do serious thinking of what do I really need. I hold on to some precious momentous, but there are somethings that need to either be pitched or passed on to someone else.

5. Down to the basic...basics.

After months/weeks or days of packing I am usually left or living in a complete chaos of destruction, (that is how you know you are doing it right, haha). I like to be completely and utterly packed usually a week or 5 days before said move. I leave only what I will absolutely need; outfits for the week, basic toiletries, and basic food that can be made quicker or items that will need to be eaten up.

At this point I usually leave one pair of shoes that will match all of my outfits, a meal that can primarily be made in a pan, little if any make up as well as hair grooming items. I do this because the day before and the day of the move I know will be chaotic and I am in charge. I don't want to worry about forgetting my favorite pair of shoes, or my expensive mascara. I want to wake up, put on a comfy, lady like outfit, simple hair, simple make up, eat a protein breakfast, and get my crew going. There is no time for  " oh that one more thing". This causes things to not be in their labeled box and causes unnecessary stress.

This is how I pack to keep my sanity, still be able to work a full time job, go to school, and have me time.  This may not work for you :-) or the person next to you.

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