Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Food Modesty

Today I am guesting hosting the wonderful, lovely, modest Amelia from One Catholic Mama. I have been reading her blog for a little over a year, and love each and every post. Amelia is REAL, she shares her woes and her joys. She too is a a fellow crunchy gal, who has been "crunchy" before it was cool. I asked Amelia to write a post about food, but keep in my theme of " modesty in all aspects of life". After you indulge in this great post I encourage you to pop over to her page, especially on Sundays where she shares what she wore!

Modesty: A word with many definitions.

One definition I found is: the quality of being relatively moderate, limited, or small in amount, rate, or level.

How does that relate to food? Well, I think in some sense we are called to be modest with our food.

Modest in our intake of course...I think nowadays many people forget that gluttony IS a sin.

However, even besides that, I think being modest in our food choices is important. Simple foods and whole foods.    Foods with few ingredients...all of which are pronounceable and recognizable.

A lot of people think that eating healthy and whole and clean is difficult.  It’s actually not. It’s actually very simple, with just a bit of practice and some lifestyle adjustments.  Sure, there may be a bit more washing and chopping and prepping than just sticking something in the microwave, but overall, it doesn't have to be complicated.  You don’t need a lot of sauces and marinades and breadings.  You don’t need to be a gourmet.  You can’t don’t to spend an hour in the kitchen.  

Take an apple for example...wash and eat.  Simple, healthy and delicious.

Even something like winter squash is easy enough to cook.  At the most basic level, just wash it, prick it was a fork and throw it in the oven and bake for about an hour or so.

Our ancestors ate fairly simple foods...those which were available and those which were in season.  They didn't have a million, expensive spices, they didn't have complicated kitchen gadgets like spiral vegetable cutters and juicers.

Of course they had to do things like grind their corn into maize and butcher their own animals.  So, we have it REALLY easy nowadays because we don’t have to do that.   Thankfully.

It actually isn’t any more work to take a whole, raw chicken, and roast it in the oven than it is to buy a rotisserie chicken and heat it up.  It takes longer to roast a whole chicken, but it doesn’t take any more work on YOUR part...the oven does all the work.   So, it really just takes more PLANNING, but not more work.  And, if you have a crockpot you can throw that chicken the crockpot and cook it all day and then just broil it briefly to a crisp the skin.

It really isn’t that complicated to make your own chicken broth instead of buying it.  Just throw the bones from that roasted chicken into your crockpot, cover with water and cook overnight on low and then strain out the bones..  You can add your salt and spices and whatnot once you turn it into soup.  
Fruit and nuts and carrots make better snacks that cookies and crackers...and they tend to be a more modest snack.  Does anyone ever really overeat carrots?

And, once you get the hang of it, preparing your own fresh veggies is a snap.  When I make salad, I simply wash/dry/shred the lettuce and toss it with olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and maybe some spices like basil and oregano.  It really is very simple and modest, yet still delicious.

Other vegetables are also super easy to prepare...just wash, chop and roast/steam or saute.   And many can be eaten without any preparation other than washing.

One thing I’ve learned, is that the first time you prepare a new fruit or vegetable is the hardest. Then it gets easier. I used to be very intimidated by pineapples, until I started buying them on sale and realized how easy they are to peel and cut.

Of course, you can’t make changes all at once.  It takes baby-steps, so just start with ONE step to simplify your eating and make it bit more modest and wholesome!

And thanks so much to Joanna for having me guest post on her wonderful blog!!

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