Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fun in the Land of Cheese!

 I am moving in a little over a week! The last month has been such a blur.

*I had to give my two weeks notice into work, which went over very well! Work asked me to stay a few weeks longer, which turned out to be a blessing because they extra income was definitely   needed!

*I had to find, and confirm an apartment in Madison which is proving to be wonderful in its own little way.

*I had to give notice to the CCD program where I teach. This was very hard because I had an opportunity to grow closer to my students, and see each of their personalities shine. Teaching them has truly confirmed unfulfilled want to be a teacher!

*Our poor puppy was run over by a car which was a big medical expense, but we are nursing him back to health slowly and we Thank God that the expense we occurred was huge for us but minimal in the medical world.

I am working on tying up some loose ties here in Illinois. My anxiety has spiked more than the usual these last few weeks, and I am so grateful for a fiancé who understands how to deal with me at those moments. I am ready for this move, I am excited for this move but there is still so much to do!

But, as promised here are some of the pictures from the move in weekend to Wisconsin. Please pardon the mess, it is still a work in progress as I am still technically living in Illinois full time!
This is the apartment! Still have a lot to do! The kitchen is tiny, but I am convinced I can make it work! Thank you to all the people who helped move everything!

A little but of our set up :-). Still working on finding a few furniture pieces, specifically a stand that will serve as a mini alter table.

After all of that hard work we had to play! The Madison area has so much to offer! We got to go to the Saturday Farmers market, take a walk by the lake, go to the doggy park, visit the Civil War Museum, visit the capital, and try on cheese-hats :-)

I hope to take more pictures when I am all officially moved in and have decorated for Advent! 

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