Thursday, October 2, 2014

Why I NFP; Part 2

As I continue this series I will share part of why I am learning Natural Family Planning and why my fiance and I will entrust Gods will to fulfill our lives with bundles of joy. Today I will be addressing one very important question that many that practice NFP are encountered with. The answer is through an analogy from the book Good News about Sex and Marriage by Christopher West.

" Well, wait. What is the difference between abstaining and contracepting if the same intent is not to get pregnant?"

 Most engaged couples come to realize in planning their wedding that there are people they know whom with good reason they can't invite to the wedding. The proper thing to do is simply not send them a invitation. Can you imagine sending a dis-invitation? " We are getting married on June 21, but we do not want you to be there. Please do not come". That would be and obvious breach of the relationship.

This is what married couples are doing to God when they contracept. By engaging in intercourse, they are sending God an invitation to join them in bringing about his most creative act, but when God opens the invitation it says in bold letters, " DO NOT COME, WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE".

On the other hand, couples who abstain from intercourse to avoid pregnancy are simple not sending an invitation to God. If the couple has a good reason to avoid a pregnancy, God can understand that. There is no breach of relationship".


Suppose you sent a wedding invitation to someone whom you already couldn't make it to your wedding. How would you feel if he has a change of plans and unexpectedly showed up? You might be surprised, but you wouldn't want to kick him out. After all, you will invited him to come. If you did want to kick him out that would demonstrate that your invitation was insincere in the first place.

This is analogous to the NFP couple having sex during infertile time. They send an invitation to God saying he is free to create new life is he so desires but they are nearly certain he won't. If God has  a " change of plans" you might hear the couple speaking of a  surprise pregnancy but you'll never hear them speaking of a unwanted pregnancy. If they do then it will show you that their invitation to God was insincere in the first place"

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