Saturday, October 11, 2014

Why I Veil; Part 4

In this segment of  Why I Veil, I am sharing another story of a Catholic sister who not only veils for Mass but has the devotion to cover full time. I think this is a beautiful notion, one I have been considering as well. I would like to introduce to you; Maria De Bruyn.

 I asked Maria if she would share her journey as to why she started veiling for Mass...

"At first I was very much against covering at mass. In my ignorance I thought that veiling had something to do with Vatican II and the people who veiled were just refusing to accept Vatican II. It took me a long time to start veiling. Well, I saw my online blogging friends, bringing up the issue of veiling, so I had to research it. I spent months debating about it with my husband, discussing every argument for and against it. To this day, I haven't found any good reasons not to veil, and a lot of good reasons to veil. Veiling is very much of a mystery - "because of the angels"...Why people stopped veiling suddenly after almost 2000 years of veiling is also a mystery...I wanted a way to show reverence to Our Lord in the tabernacle, so I followed the tradition of so many others for so many millennia. I started off wearing a snood. 

I was a little nervous wearing it, since I attended Spanish mass, but the priest complimented me on it right before mass started, I could see it made him happy to see me covering my head. Sometimes I wore berets or scarves, things that did not stand out too much. The snood also really helped because my daughter loved to pull my hair. Out of sight, out of mind! I also began covering full-time. This was a lot easier to do as we lived in a cold climate and it was more rural, so I didn't worry about sticking out too much. When my husband quit his job to go back to school, we moved to SoCal. There were lots of other students who veil at the very beautiful chapel of his college, so I felt very comfortable wearing a mantilla at the time. Since we moved here, I have mainly worn mantillas to mass, because they work well with the year-round hot weather here."

Starting to veil can effect many people in our lives, thankfully Maria has a very supportive husband!

"My husband has been very supportive. We talked through the pros and cons of it. My daughter loves the starter mantillas I invented. She likes matching them to her dress. Although now she wants to have her own eternity veil so she can feel more grown-up. I never try to pressure her to wear one, but always ask if she wants to wear it. Because there are not many girls her age who veil, I think the peer pressure can be difficult."

I asked Maria for words of wisdom for women and young ladies who want to start veiling or covering full time.

"My recommendation is to really think about it in your heart a lot. If you have someone you can talk to, that can really help too. You will know in your heart when you are ready to make that leap. I have met so many ladies in my facebook veiling group and through my Etsy shop who are veiling for the first time. What an amazing thing to do! It takes so much courage and I'm always inspired by the examples of others. Keep in mind that if you are not ready to wear a mantilla, there are many other types of headcoverings that you could try. Start with a headband or a hat if you don't want to stick out too much. Or try a church or a different mass where you have other people who veil, so you can feel more comfortable. Most of all, ask God for guidance."

Maria owns a awesome Etsy shop. I hope that she will let me review it for my store review series!

"My shop is 3 1/2 years old. I started off making pillows, aprons and bags. My most popular items were aprons. However, it was hard to keep up with the aprons as most of my orders came right before Christmas and it was hard to get everything done in time, since most of my orders were custom orders! So for the last year I have focused on making mantillas. I make veils for both children and adults. One time during mass, I was inspired to make starter mantillas such as these: 

 Several rows ahead of me, I saw a mother constantly trying to fix a doily attached to her young daughter's head. In my mind, I thought of how the children in Spain wear combs, and I had the bright idea to replace combs with barrettes, and that is how my starter mantillas were born, at mass! They have been very popular with moms who want to introduce their daughters to veiling but want something that will stay on their head securely while also being comfortable and stylish for the little girls. My daughter and her friends also like to use them to dress up as brides in their spare time  

All of my other veils are designed by me, and I have done many custom orders as well. I use a variety of different laces for different budgets. I love scouting out unique, designer laces. These are more expensive, but what a joy to wear them and to sew with them. I am not really sure where my shop will be in the next month or the next year. I also homeschool my daughter and my husband is a student at Thomas Aquinas College. We started our own web development company and that work also keeps us busy. However, every time I think of focusing on just the web development company, I get in a lot of orders, so God seems to have some other plans for this shop.

 Some ideas I have are making modest skirts for women and girls, as well as making more headbands and snoods. I would love to get a better camera, so people can get a better view of the items in my shop. I would love to hear from others and see if they have any ideas of what they would like to see in my shop. I love working with all of my customers and getting to know them and hear their stories. 

Thank you for the opportunity to say a little about myself and my veiling story.

Thank you to Maria for sharing her lovely story! To visit her shop just click here!

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