Monday, October 20, 2014

Why I Veil; Part 5

In continuation with my veil series I am interviewing a lovely woman today about her covering. I met Karen through a Facebook page that is open to all women of different faiths. She was interested in being interviewed about covering from a Jewish perspective!  I think we as Christian Catholics have much in common with the Jewish faith and with so little woman covering it is great to support one another.

Why did you decide to cover?
 I've always enjoyed wearing cute head scarves or pretieds for fashion, bad hair day etc. However in November 2013, Marc and I got married. In Judaism, after marriage an observant woman covers her hair all the time. We use sheitals (wigs), hats, tichels (scarves). It's for modesty purposes as that our hair is only for our husbands eyes.

How did your friends/family/boyfriend/husband react to you covering?
My  husband is fine with it as he's Jewish as well. Whenever I'm covered he calls me his little "jewess". Some friends or family comment saying "since when did you become so religious". They're just being judgemental. They don't know our religious path. Others have said to me "it's so beautiful seeing you cover and show the world your new status of a married woman".

 Any recommendation for women who are thinking about covering full time?
I would tell anyone thinking of covering full time exactly what a Chabad Rabbi told me, and it really helps a lot.
This Chabad Rabbi told me the following:
"Don't take on everything at once or you WILL falter. Start slowly and gradually increase observance as you become more and more comfortable. Then you will look at covering as a beautiful mitzvah and not as a chore".

Thank you so much Karen for sharing your story! I think your quote from Chabad Rabbi definitely   hit home for me as I often want to " do it all". By starting slow and gradually increasing our devotions we can be assured that we are doing God's will!

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