Tuesday, October 21, 2014

You Know Your Catholic When...

 I belong to a few different Facebook groups full of beautiful Catholic women! On one of the sites we have a on going thread of " You know you're Catholic when". With the permission of those awesome ladies, I took my top twenty five favorites and shared them with you! There are more than one hundred that the ladies have come up with and are constantly adding news ones! Thank you to ladies at the Facebook website for coming up with these!

                                                    You Know You Are Catholic When...

Your kids stall bedtime by adding many many intentions to nighttime prayers. I don't think it is appropriate to pray for Pinocchio.

*One of your kids comes storming into the house to tattle tale, but instead announces vehemently, "So & so needs to go to confession!"

* You plan your meals around your family's fasting and abstaining habits.

* You discuss where each persons rosary is from.

* You have gone, or have wanted to go to World Youth Day.

* You see a priest that wears the long cassock, and think, "I love a man in uniform!" 

*At one point your Facebook password was your Confirmation Saint.

*When you know there is a deeper meaning behind St. Valentines Day and St. Patricks Day.

*You go to a beautiful wedding and instead of numbers the tables are named after Saints! 

* Everyone who comes in your house asks "what is the chalk writing above all the doors in your home"?

* You fondly remember being very active at your colleges Newman center.

* You have participated in 40 Days For Life campaign one way or another.

* You go out to dinner with your Catholic girlfriends, almost everyone has a baby on the breast, and normal conversation includes calculating how many more babies you could have in your remaining years of fertility (a lot!!)

* You google which Saint you should ask to pray for you because you have (x) problem.

*You leap to correct someone whenever they refer to the Eucharist as being bread and wine.

*Parish hopping is not something you find strange. Same liturgy, same Eucharist, one body in Christ. 

*Half of your friends list disappears because it is Lent.

* You have Rosaries EVERYWHERE. In each purse, in diaper bags, hanging on doorknobs, under beds, in the laundry, in the car, in the other car, in the play room, under the sofa cushions...

*When you say a "Hail Mary" when an ambulance passes your house.

*Your daily routine consists of checking Facebook, checking Tumbler, and checking to see which saints feast day it is.

* Your family takes tours of cathedrals on every family vacation.

* You’ve been dressed up like an angel, a sheep, and a shepherd at least once (but probably three) times as a child. Don’t lie. Your mother has photos.
* You get excited about new conferences for women that are coming or are starting in your home town.

* You have discerned wearing a veil for Mass.

* You realize you are so lucky to be in a faith that values human life, lifts up women and protects tradition.

Thank you to the amazing group of women that made this list possible :-)!

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