Friday, November 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes; Meet Cowboy

I haven't done 7 Quick Takes in a little while! I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce to you.... 5 months late my "new" puppy!


After graduating I decided I wanted a dog. Sebastian and I both love animals and really wanted to get a puppy together. We looked at shelters and one of our friends sent me this picture.
All I knew was that he was a St. Bernard/Lab mix.
He was so darn cute we decided to go see him.

As we drove home we knew we had to name him. Sebastian and I threw out names that would suit this fine young fellow, both at the "cute puppy" stage as well as when he grew into 150 pounds. We decided on Cowboy.
How could something so little and cute be a problem... right ;-).
Do you see that cat butt in the corner; yes you guessed it, it is Reno:-).


So he started growing, eating and napping. Mostly napping.

Cowboy made friends, played more and was getting really good at snuggles!

He became braver and braver exploring the depths of the farm! Oh and toy sections of pet stores :-)


One day I came home from work and the unthinkable happened. Cowboy was hit by a car. We were not sure what the next 48 hours would look like. After a X-RAY with the Vet, we found out that Cowboy shattered his pelvis. His medicine is to rest and rest while his young bones heal.
The last monh or so Cowboy has been healing up very slowly. He went from being hoisted by me to go potty to being able to chase after a squirrel ( shh he is still not supposed to be running around like that!)
 Moving to a apartment has actually been a blessing or him because his movement is restricted so he is forced to rest and sleep. No worries, he is still getting walks and is meeting other doggies!


Although cowboy is still healing up. He is still the loving cuddle bug that he was when I first got him. At our last Vet visit he weighed in at 53 pounds and the vet said that he will at least double if not triple in size. Oh my!

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